Destiny 3 trends on Twitter as fans get bored of Destiny 2

Destiny 3

One of Sony’s most relevant acquisitions in recent years was Bungie. Some old-school PlayStation fans, driven by the single-player cinematic experiences, will disagree. However, from a business standpoint, it was a smart decision for the company. The company has a strong portfolio of single-player games, but these have in a certain way, a limited life cycle and are limited sources of income. Once a blockbuster game sells, let’s say 5 to 10 million, it will no longer bring the same amount of income. The live-service game category emerged as companies realized that they can earn continuous money from it. The income from Fortnite managed Epic Games to invest a lot of money in Remedy’s Alan Wake 2. Sony bought Bungie and Destiny 2 came as a plus, but fans are starting to get bored and Destiny 3 started to trend once again.

Sony’s Bungie Acquisition was a move to strengthen the company’s live service strategy. The successful game came as a good plus as the IP moves millions of players across the world.  However, it seems that Sony will need to move fast to keep the Destiny franchise engaging. Despite the big launch of the recent expansion of Lightfall, it seems that players are not satisfied. In fact, the studio states that it has “missed the mark” with the quality of the add-on. Now, fans of the sci-fi shooter are quite frustrated and believe that it’s time to move on.

For a relevant amount of players, Destiny 3 should be the focus

The fact is Bungie is trying to keep alive a game that already has five years of life. While for some games this does not mean anything, it seems that Destiny 2 is starting to get boring. Some believe that the studio needs to wipe the series and start over. Sony can wonder if it decides to go on with the new generation and build a Destiny 3 from scratch with multiple next-gen improvements. A fresh release also sounds good to attract more players and to keep old ones engaged.

Destiny 3

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A recent tweet by the podcast The Destiny Show started to trend with its “Unpopular Opinion: Destiny 3 needs to happen”.

The opinion does not seem to be so unpopular. After all, there are tweets from fans agreeing with this. One user said, “The cracks are starting to become more and more noticeable every day”. Another one said: “There needs to be something new, it’s such a mess”. However, some players express concern about all of their hard work grinding for guns over the past few years. If Bungie decides to kill the current game, without an efficient migration, all the time players spent will be a waste. In the end, we can see that not everyone is giving a warm welcome to a possible Destiny 3. This can change if Bungie makes something that supports the Destiny 2 community.

Sony’s live-service business is already on the check – what the future has in tow?

Sony’s Bungie is working on a new project, but right now, there is no evidence this is a new game. Although it has been bought by PlayStation, Bungie games probably will remain multi-platform as it is part of the acquisition deal. We are curious to see if Sony will start to intervene in Bungie’s development. It has bought Bungie to shape its live-service business, but the company keeps surrounded by controversies. It needs to do something, for sure.

PlayStation Destiny 3

In any case, we expect to hear more about PlayStation’s plans for its live-service business soon. The company is rumored to hold a PlayStation Showcase event very soon. It may bring news on the PS5 hardware, and we also expect the announcement of new games. If you want to keep track of all related gaming news, feel free to check!

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