Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi Pad 6 starts testing Android 14

Xiaomi 13 and Pad 6

Flashing an Android device is not as common now as it used to be a few years ago. One of the reasons for this is that many Android devices now come with perfect features. As such, there is little or no need to flash the device. In addition, another reason why it is not so common anymore is that many Android brands now follow up on updates swiftly. Thus, if the system is running smoothly, there is no need to look for a “better system”. Code retrieval found that since April 25, Xiaomi has started testing the Android 14 system. The company is testing this system on models such as Xiaomi 13, Xiaomi 13 Pro, Xiaomi Pad 6/6 Pro and other devices.

Android 14

It is expected that after the Google I/O conference that starts on May 10, Xiaomi models will be among the first batch of devices to start open testing of Android 14 Beta. According to the plan, the official version of Android 14 will launch in August. There are also reports that Android 14 is Android U, with the code name Flip Cake. It is now testing the Android 14 Beta 1.1 version based on the “pro-son” Pixel. It brings better performance fluency and battery life, and at the same time strengthens privacy and security management. The system also improves notifications and improves compatibility and support for folding screen devices. Presumably, MIUI based on Android 14 will also benefit from these underlying capabilities.

Android 14

Android 14 – all there is to know for now

Android 14 is the latest version of the Android system, which is designed mainly for touchscreen mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. At the moment, this system is in its first developer preview. The final release will take place in a few months. While there is not yet much info available about the specific features of Android 14, it is expected to build on the improvements made in previous releases. The system will add new features and fix bugs. As with previous releases, Android 14 will be named after a dessert or sugary treat. While it is too early to say for certain what Android 14 will bring, it is likely to continue the trend of making the Android system more powerful, user-friendly, and secure

Android 14 Beta 1


At the moment, the system is still in its beta phase thus, there are some features that we can confirm. This new Android system will add a new graphics features that can be used to make apps stand out. The Path API is now more powerful and flexible. It will also come with upgrades to privacy, security, and output, as well as upgrades for larger screens like tablets. Android Authority reports that Android 14 will include a new privacy dashboard that will give users more control over their data. It will also add a new feature that will allow users to revoke an app’s permission to access their microphone or camera while the app is running.

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Other rumoured features include a new design language called Material NEXT. This feature will boost support for foldable devices and better integration with Google Assistant. While the full list of new features is not yet clear, it is clear that Android 14 will continue to build on the upgrades in older systems.

Privacy features

Android 14 is expected to include several privacy and security upgrades. There are also reports that Android 14 will block the installation of “bad” apps that target older API levels. This will help prevent malware from abusing sensitive info. The Verge further reports that Android 14 will increase privacy by giving users more control over how their info is shared. Android 14 users will be able to specify which images and videos on the device apps are permitted to access. This is different from allowing apps to access their entire media library.

Google has also released the first Android 14 developer preview and has announced some security and privacy improvements. This includes operational improvements to Android devices, changes to app security and privacy permissions, and a new API that supports passwordless sign-in using passkeys. Overall, Android 14 is expected to continue the trend of making the Android system more secure and privacy – focused.

Android 14

The major privacy change in Android 14 is the ability to grant partial access to photos and videos when an app requests access to the media library. This change is designed to give users more control over their data and privacy. We expect this upgrade to be a major boost to the Android system. However, this feature could also draw controversy if users are not aware of the change or if they find the new permission notification confusing.

Final Words

It is great to see that Android brands are now doing all they can to meet up with fast updates. We can be sure that as soon as Android 14 launches, some non – Pixel Android mobile phones will have the update. This was not the case in the past as non – Pixel mobile phones had to wait for many weeks.

Android 14 will focus on better security and privacy. Any app that targets old Android systems like Android 5.1 Lollipop APIs will be blocked. The reason for this is that such old systems are very vulnerable. This is because they have since stopped getting any updates. Such apps may be trying to use their vulnerabilities to defraud users.

This system will also bring a new privacy dashboard that gives users more control over their data. At any time, users can revoke an app’s permission to access major features of their phone like the camera. No doubt, this system is worth waiting for.

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