Want to Make Money on TikTok? These are the 3 Easy Steps to Follow

Make Money on TikTok

In our world today, it is very difficult to do without social media. Whether you are just there for the fun, content or business, social media has it all. Speaking of business, many businesses, organizations, brands and companies have taken advantage of social media to grow their income. In fact, social media has become the easiest, cheapest and the most efficient way of advertising your products.

Almost everyone is on social media now, which makes it one of the best places to make money. Wherever many people gather, there is a great opportunity to make money. This is why Meta bought WhatsApp for a whopping $19 billion. Meta is a multi-billion company today simply because it has a lot of people on its platforms.

As an individual, you must know time is money and it is about time you converted the time you spend on social media into a money-making opportunity. For anyone who wants to make money through content creation, the number one choice has always been YouTube. YouTube still remains the number one anyway. But the requirements you must meet in order to show YouTube ads on your Channel is no joke. For example, you need at least 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours on your channel within the last 12 months.

Making Money on YouTube is Difficult than Making Money on TikTok Make Money on TikTok

First of all, if you have a YouTube account, you will agree with me that getting the 1,000 subscribers is not an easy task. The worst part is being able to achieve the 4,000 watch-time in the last 12 months. It might sound easy but trust me, it is far from being easy. If you do the Math, it means you must get exactly 10.96 hours of watch-time every day for 12 months. These numbers have killed a lot of YouTube careers and scared others aways since they don’t come easily. But wait, don’t give up yet. You will find the solution in this article as well.

Since getting the numbers on YouTube is very difficult, why don’t we use one stone to kill two birds? Yes, we will take advantage of TikTok to make money on both platforms. By far, TikTok has become the easiest platform to gain followers and go viral. In actual fact, the kind of algorithm that TikTok uses to help you gain followers and go viral is one of the sources of income for Meta. That is what Meta uses to run sponsored ads for those who have the money to pay.

When a user runs a sponsored post on Facebook or Instagram, the post is shared to your target audience. These audience are those who have interests in something similar to what you are promoting. TikTok does this for free under a tab called “For You”, hope it sounds familiar? This is what makes it easier to gain followers and go viral on TikTok than any other platform. Because the algorithm feeds people with only contents that they show interest in. Well, enough of the plenty talks about TikTok algorithms, that should be a topic for later discussion. Now let’s get to the main subject for the day.

How to Make Money on TikTok Make Money on TikTok

Since getting followers on TikTok isn’t as difficult as the other platforms, you first need to focus on getting the numbers behind you. Because without followers, it is quite difficult to make any reasonable income from any social media platform. The target is 10k to 20k followers on TikTok and you will be all set to move on. On social media, it is all about being consistent. creativity on TikTok does not really count that much. This is because I have seen a lot of accounts gaining over 100k followers for posting contents that does not even belong to them. You just have to get attractive content. One of the biggest accounts on TikTok called @animalsdoingthings has about 3.8 million followers. This account posts funny videos of animals. Guess what, none of the content even belongs to them. So, you can also make it easily. All you have to do is be very consistent with your content and you are good to go.

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1. Create Free Ads Until One Goes Viral (Make Money on TikTok)

Take this as building up your CV. The vision here is advertising products for people for free for now. With your 20K followers and a lot of consistent contents, it is very easy to advertise a product for it to go viral. What you need to do is use your 20k followers to run free ads for brands. I mean, who is going to reject such an offer? Only a few will reject the chance of showing their products to twenty thousand people for free. In fact, some brands can even give you some items for free.

Your focus here isn’t about getting free gifts though. Your focus is to use the data from the content you create for such brands to your own advantage. Doing this will give you a proven track record of successfully collaborating with brands and creating a viral content for them. Once you get one of such content go viral, you can go ahead to create more and get at least five of them.

2. Develop Your Case Study (Make Money on TikTok) Make Money on TikTok

After achieving the most important target, which is getting a viral content for a brand, it is now time to create your case study. Your case study is what is going to highlight your achievement. So, it is important to focus on that now rather than your follower count. This is because, you are trying to convince brands to pay you for advertisement. Brands will only pay you if you have the results to show them that you can actually do it. So, this is where your case study comes in.

Your case study should tell a clear and concise story about a successful brand campaign. It should outline the brand’s key performance indicators (KPIs), the structure of the campaign, the concrete results you delivered, and the significance of those results. It’s crucial to illustrate your performance against the campaign’s KPIs using analytics.

When your case study is well-crafted, you can easily demonstrate to brands that you are able to deliver results and create content that audience love. With this, securing paid partnerships with these brands become easier.

3. Sell Your Case Study (Make Money on TikTok) Make Money on TikTok

Now that all is set, you are ready to start making money on TikTok. For example, if one of the videos you did for the brands was about a perfume, you should approach perfume shops with your case study. Show them what you do and your case study. From there, you can ask your price and negotiate if possible.

It is important to note that some brands value email signups while others value campaigns that generate income. Some may even have the go for awareness boosting and click-through rates. Make sure your case study has it all in order to satisfy the requirements of all brands.

Also, it is worth noting that most of these brands have not really come across a brand influencer who cares enough since they all care about just the money. Proof to them that your focus is on result and money comes next. Always ask for their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Since you will need that to come up with the best content that suits the brand’s identity and goals.


Once you are able to able to sell your case study to a brand and sealed your first deal you are on your way to financial freedom. Remember to develop case study for each brand that you work with as this gives you more strength to approach even bigger brands and grow your brand as influencer as well.

Bonus: Redirect to YouTube

As a successful brand influencer, you now have the numbers on TikTok and most of your followers have also developed some level of trust in you. This is where you take advantage to extend your income stream to YouTube. All you have to do is to redirect your followers to your YouTube channel. You can do so by reminding your viewers to follow your YouTube channel. Always mention the name of your YouTube channel at the last part of your videos. Do this and watch your income on social media grow and you may never consider taking any 9 to 5 job offer for the rest of your life.

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