Spotify CEO and Elon Musk team up against Apple App Store rules

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There is a growing number of app developers that is unsatisfied with the current policies of the Apple App Store. For some, there is hope coming from the new EU rules that may force the giant to open iOS to alternate app stores and app billing methods. However, these changes could be exclusive to Europe, and things will keep the same for the greatest majority of markets. In a bid to change Apple’s policies, there is strong pressure coming from relevant forces like Epic Games, and now, Spotify and Elon Musk.

Spotify once again criticizes Apple’s App Store rules and Musk agrees

Spotify officials already made public statements against Apple’s App Store policies, as well as Elon Musk. Now, both have teamed up against the rules imposed by Apple on developers. In a new conversation through Twitter, Musk and Spotify CEO Daniel Ek have questioned Apple’s guidelines. EK refers to the rules as “absurd” and Musk states that they present a “serious scaling problem”.

The conversation began when Twitter launched support for all users to offer “subscriptions” on the platform. Musk followed up on the announcement, after questioning from users, to explain why subscriptions take longer to appear on iPhone than they do on the web.

“Note, it takes a few days longer for subscriptions to go active on iPhone vs. web, as all subscriptions currently have to be approved by Apple” Musk clarified.

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Spotify’s “unhappiness” with Apple is an old story

For Sure, this was a reference to the App Store rules around in-app subscriptions for digital content. Twitter needs to abide by these rules for subscriptions available via the iPhone app. Daniel Ek then decided to quote Musk’s post to further criticize Apple’s rules. As per him, it’s absurd how this scale with every creator on every platform on the internet. He further asks “What about if a platform thought the right fee was 0% or 10% instead of Apple’s 30%?”. Musk replies stating that this is becoming a serious scaling challenge.

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As we’ve said before, Spotify has been a strong opponent to App Store guidelines. The music streaming giant has filed antitrust complaints against Apple in the EU. It argued that the giant can offer Apple Music subscriptions within the app without any penalty. Spotify, on the other hand, needs to give Apple 30% (or 15% from year two) of its subscription revenue if it did the same. When it comes to Musk, the Tesla CEO previously said that App Store fees are like having a 30% tax on using the internet.

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