Top 5 Crime TV Shows based on true events to watch on Netflix and Apple TV+

After the Top 10 Documentaries and Top 10 Sci-Fi TV Shows to watch on Netflix, we bring you recommendations for the Top 5 crime TV series based on true events. Don’t miss out on these masterpieces if you’re a fan of this genre.

We bring four titles that you can watch on Netflix and one on Apple TV+. The latter has quickly become known for its great achievements in the film industry.


Top 5 True Crime TV Shows

This True Crime TV Show is set in the late ’70-es and early ’80-es. It tells the story of two FBI officers who run the program of interviewing already convicted serial killers. The program is basically created in the hope they could help them build a pattern, which may prevent future crimes. In addition, they have to deal with a psychologist and a strict boss. Also, both of them must deal with their personal lives, which are also challenging.

The screenplay and directing in this series are great. However, may take some time to get into the rhythm in the beginning. Mindhunter consists of two seasons with 19 episodes in total. Since it’s based on true events, some characters and names may be changed.

Characteristics:  suspenseful, dark

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Best True Crime TV Shows

This limited TV series tells the story of one of the most cruel serial killers in US history. The series explores Dahmer’s psyche in a unique way, which may be unfamiliar to viewers. The plot of this True Crime TV Show stretches through three decades, i.e. from the 1970-es to the 1990-es. The series contains only one season with 10 episodes.

Dahmer is certainly considered one of the best true crime TV dramas ever, supported by great acting, screenplay, and directing.

Characteristics:  ominous, dark

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The Serpent – True Crime TV Shows

Top 5 True Crime TV Shows - Netflix

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This TV series takes us to Bangkok, Thailand, where a French-Vietnamese scammer lures Western tourists to fancy parties. He drugs and murders them for material benefit. He also drags his girlfriend into his dirty plans. Since Thai police do not show much interest in these murders despite their obligations. As a consequence, a Dutch diplomat takes the case into his own hands.

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In the very beginning, it may be difficult to follow the plot because of intertwined timelines. After a while, you will surely get used to it, though.

Characteristics:  suspenseful, dark

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Black Bird

rue Crime TV Show Apple TV+

In this True Crime TV Show, a young man convicted of drug smuggling gets a chance to reduce his sentence if he makes friends with a serial killer. His goal is to find out more details about the murderer’s victims, but things might get complicated.

Characteristics:  Easy to follow, uncertain

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Narcos – True Crime TV Shows

Pablo Escobar

One of the best Netflix originals ever. Hence, if you haven’t watched it yet, maybe it’s a great time to start now. This True Crime TV Show consists of three seasons. In the first two, we follow the path of two DEA agents located in Columbia.

Their objective is to stop cocaine trafficking to the US, but it turns out to be an impossible mission. Namely, one of the greatest criminal masterminds in history, Pablo Escobar, is always two steps ahead of them. Hunting Escobar turns out to be one of the most challenging DEA operations ever.

The third season is about Escobar’s competition known as the infamous Cali cartel, which ended like none of the counterparts was hoping.

The show also deals with the obvious connection between narco cartels and Columbian authorities, as well as US issues among internal agencies.

In all three seasons, we enjoy Pedro Pascal’s great acting in probably the best role in his career.

Characteristics:  suspenseful, dark

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