Tesla Q1 US Electric Car Sales: Beats 18 Competitors Combined

Tesla sales

Tesla’s electric car sales in Q1 2023 outperformed 18 other EV manufacturers’ sales combined in the u<s market. There are several reasons for this success, so let’s find out more.

Electric cars are becoming more popular every day. Perhaps not solely due to environmental concerns, as many would hope, but due to various factors. One significant factor is probably the overall hype, and another one is the Tax credit, which is still on track in many countries. In recent times, several countries significantly reduced these subsidies, but that hasn’t had much impact on sales worldwide. Furthermore, Tesla electric car sales grew even more.

Tesla electric car sales

The US is one of the countries that still offers tax credits to EV buyers. This has fueled the sales in Q1 on the US market, so many buyers choose EVs over those with combustion engines (gas or diesel). The US Tax credit for buying an electric vehicle goes up to $7,500.

We’ve also seen that the general price gap between EVs and classical vehicles slowly fades. However, there remains a significant milestone that EVs must overcome: range.

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Maybe, in the next few years, the range gap between electric and combustion cars will fade as well. As advancements in battery manufacturing technology continue to progress.

Tesla electric car sales in US are growing

Well, the range is one of the most important Tesla advantages compared to other EV manufacturers. Since Tesla is a US-based company as well, it is no surprise that it wins the US market. However, the fact that Tesla electric car sales are higher than 18 next manufacturers combined, raises eyebrows. Those include world-popular brands like Audi, BMW, and Volvo. outperformed them in almost every aspect. The combined efforts of 18 companies simply couldn’t match.

Tesla’s Q1 sales in the US grew 79% year-on-year, with 184,800 sold units. At the same time, the overall EV market rose by 74 percent. The most popular Tesla car in Q1 was the US was Model Y. The second place was taken by Model 3, which is the cheapest Tesla model. What’s more interesting is that those two models accounted for about half of Tesla’s deliveries in the mentioned timeframe.


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