New OnePlus and Realme phones will use 150W fast charging and up to 24GB RAM

OnePlus Ace 2 Pro

OnePlus and Realme are two of the most popular smartphone brands in the market. Both companies are known for producing high-quality devices that offer excellent performance and features. Over the past few weeks, there have been several reports about two mobile phones coming from these brands. According to popular and trustworthy tech blogger @DCS, these devices will come with up to 24GB of RAM. The standard model will use 16GB of RAM while the top model will use 24GB. In another recent revelation, @DCS reports that the new OnePlus and Realme phones will feature up to 150W fast charging. This is a significant upgrade from the previous models, which had 65W fast charging. In this article, we will take a closer look at this new feature and what it means for smartphone users.

OnePlus and Realme phones

According to digital blogger @DCS, the new OnePlus and Realme phones will be equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processors, support 150W fast charging, have a 1.5K ultra-narrow curved screen and straight screen, and rear IMX890 OIS outsole main camera. The report also claims these devices will inherit the algorithm of OPPO Find X6 and the imaging quality is still “relatively capable”. According to the product naming rules of the Oga series, these two new models are expected to be OnePlus Ace 2 Pro and Realme GT Neo5 Pro respectively. Also, they are both positioned as mid-range models. OnePlus and Realme have actually confirmed that they will release these mobile phones. It is also official that OnePlus and Realme has a 150W charging tech. However, we are still waiting for the official launch.

What is 150W fast charging?

Fast charging is a feature that allows smartphones to charge quickly. It is a popular feature among smartphone users, as it saves time and ensures that the device is always ready to use. The 150W fast charging is a new technology that allows smartphones to charge at an incredibly fast rate. This means that users can charge their devices in a matter of minutes, rather than hours.

Realme GT Neo 3 150W Fast Charging OnePlus and Realme phones

How does 150W fast charging work?

150W fast charging works by using a high-powered charger that delivers a large amount of current to the battery. This allows the battery to charge at a much faster rate than traditional charging methods. The charger is designed to be safe and efficient, with built-in safety features that prevent overheating and other issues.

What are the benefits of 150W fast charging?

There are several benefits to using 150W fast charging. The most obvious benefit is that it allows users to charge their devices quickly. This means that they can spend less time waiting for their phone to charge and more time using it. Additionally, fast charging can help extend the life of the battery, as it reduces the amount of time that the battery is under stress.

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Up to 24GB RAM and Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processors

In addition to 150W fast charging, the new OnePlus and Realme phones will also feature up to 24GB of RAM and Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processors. This is a huge upgrade from the previous models, which had up to 12GB of RAM and Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processors. The increased RAM and processing power will allow users to run multiple apps and games. They will not experience any lag or slowdown. In addition to @DCS, another credible source, XDA Developers, has confirmed that OnePlus and Realme could use up to 24GB RAM. 

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It is worth mentioning that after the OnePlus and Realme new phones were exposed to provide a 24GB memory version, Red Magic officially confirmed that its device will also use the 24GB RAM. The Nubia Red Magic 8S Pro will be released on July 5th and it will be the world’s first 24GB super-large memory mobile phone. Nubia’s action sort of confirms that OnePlus and Realme’s coming devices will truly use the 24GB RAM. We all know that Chinese brands like to be the first to use or announce that they will use a new feature. After the rumour of OnePlus and Realme using this feature hit the web, Nubia quickly officially confirm that it will be the first to launch the feature. 

Nubia 24GB RAM

Other rumours about these devices

1.5K ultra-narrow curved screen

According to MyFixGuide, another exciting feature of the new OnePlus and Realme phones is the 1.5K ultra-narrow curved screen. This is a new type of display that offers a higher resolution than traditional screens. The ultra-narrow curved design also makes the screen look more immersive and provides a more comfortable viewing experience.

IMX890 OIS outsole main camera

My Mobile India also reports that the new OnePlus and Realme phones will also feature an IMX890 OIS outsole main camera. This is a high-quality camera that offers excellent image quality and stability. The OIS feature helps to reduce blur and shake, making it easier to take clear and sharp photos and videos.


As for the prices of the two phones, there is no official report at the moment. However, we can make a professionally calculated guess based on previously released OnePlus and Realme devices. The OnePlus Ace Pro was recently released for 3499 yuan ($483) and it supports 150W fast charging. Also, the Realme GT Neo 5 was also recently released for 3199 yuan ($441) and it supports 240W fast charging. Thus, it is most plausible that the price of these devices will be in the 3000 yuan ($414) range. That is between 3000 yuan ($512) and 4000 yuan ($512).

Final Words

The new OnePlus and Realme phones are set to be some of the most exciting devices on the market. With 150W fast charging, up to 24GB of RAM, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processors, a 1.5K ultra-narrow curved screen, and an IMX890 OIS outsole main camera, these phones offer a range of exciting features that are sure to impress. Whether you are a power user or just looking for a quality phone, these devices are worth considering. OnePlus and Realme already has a 150W charging tech which it will use for these devices. 

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