Galaxy Z Flip 5 Vs Z Flip 4, is it Worth the Extra Cash?

Finally, the South Korean company, Samsung has launched the latest edition of its best-selling foldable phone, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5. Along with the Z Flip 5, Samsung also launched the Galaxy Z Fold 5, new Galaxy watch 6 series and other consumer electronics. Despite the multiple products launch, the main highlight of the whole launch event seems to be the Z Flip 5. This is because the device came with the biggest jump ever since Samsung started to sell the Z Flip line up.

The Galaxy Z Flip5 comes with several major improvements over its predecessors. However, the most noticeable of them all is its outer screen. To confirm the rumors, the Galaxy Z Flip5 also features a gap-free folding technology. This makes it fold completely flat without any gap like those that we saw on the older models.

Samsung made sure that the Galaxy Z Flip5 comes with useful upgrades in important areas as well as its price. The Galaxy Z Flip lineup is one of the top selling foldable smartphones in the world. One area that plays a major role in its sales is due to its significantly low price. But the latest edition seems to have taken a different approach in terms of price. While the Flip4 launched with a starting price of $999, the Z Flip5 starts at $1049. This amounts to a difference of $50.

$50 does not seem to be much of a difference but it raises one important question here. Is the Flip5 worth the extra cash? Should Z Flip4 owners consider upgrading to the latest edition? This is what this article is about. This article will help buyers make informed decision on whether to upgrade or not.

Comparison Between Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Flip5 Galaxy Flip5 vs Flip4

the best way to decide whether to upgrade to the latest version of any smartphone is to take a closer look at the specifications of each of them. With this, users will be able to determine whether the new edition truly has some useful advantages over the previous edition. Taking the Galaxy Z Flip5 into consideration, Samsung has really improved quite a lot, even though other areas remain the same. For example, users who may be expecting upgraded camera lenses may be disappointed. This is because the device came with the same camera configurations as the Flip4. Below, we will compare features such as design, screen, camera, battery, chipset and storage capacities of both devices.

Design (Galaxy Z Flip5 vs Z Flip4) Galaxy Flip5 vs Flip4

One of the main differences that will attract a lot of people to the Galaxy Z Flip5 is its design. Holding it in your hand, you may not feel much of a difference. However, the massive upgrade in the outer screen makes the Z Flip5 a lot more attractive than its predecessor. While the Flip4 features a smaller 1.9-inch outer display, the Z Flip5 features a larger 3.4-inch outer display.

They both have the same weight of 187g. However, Samsung has done a lot of engineering within the hinge design of the Z Flip5 to make it look thinner. Another great point of attraction is the absence of folding gap in the Flip5. Finally, Samsung has been able to fix its ugly-looking gap to make the Galaxy Z Flip5 fully fold like other flip phones such as the Huawei P50 Pocket.

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Screen (Galaxy Z Flip5 vs Flip4) Galaxy Flip5 vs Flip4

Well, there isn’t much to say here. Samsung did not seem to focus much on the screen when building the Galaxy Z Flip5. Both devices have a lot in common as long as screen is concerned. From screen resolution, refresh rate to screen size, everything is the same. Despite the increase in brightness to 1700 nits in the Fold5, the Flip5 retains the same 1200 nits as the Flip4.The only slight difference here is the screen-to-body ratio. While the Galaxy Z Flip4 has 84.5% screen-to-body ratio, the Flip5 features 85.5%. As you may guess, the difference in screen is very difficult to notice. Apart from this, everything else still remains the same. Even the crease in the middle of the folding screen still has the same depth which is quite disappointing.

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Camera (Galaxy Z Flip5 vs Flip4) Galaxy Flip5 vs Flip4

If your primary motivation for upgrading to the Z Flip5 is the camera, you may have to wait for the Flip6 next year. This is because Samsung actually picked the cameras in the Flip4 and placed them into the Flip5. There is not a single difference in camera specification between the two smartphones.

Battery (Galaxy Z Flip5 vs Flip4) Battery

Another disappointing part of the Galaxy Z Fold5 may be its battery. That is, if you are not too satisfied with the battery life of the Flip4. The Flip5 also comes with the same 3700mAh battery that the South Korean company used in its predecessor. You also get the same 25W charging, 15W wireless charging, as well as the 4.5W reverse wireless charging.

Users who go for the Z Flip5 may have a little advantage over the Flip4 users in terms of battery endurance. This is because the larger outer screen on the Flip5 is more useful now. A lot of users may find themselves using the outer screen a lot more than they would on the Flip 4. This will help conserve a lot of power since they wouldn’t have to flip the phone open for every little thing.

Chipset and Storage Capacity

In terms of technical specifications, this is where the main difference is. Even though both devices feature, the same 8GB of RAM, the Flip5 steps ahead in terms of storage with its lowest storage being 256GB instead of 128GB. It also features a faster UFS 4.0 storage over the UFS 3.1 of the Flip4.

In terms of chipset, the Flip5 also features the latest from Qualcomm. The new flip phone from Samsung features the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. Meanwhile, the Flip4 came with the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset.

With these notable upgrades, the users of the Flip5 will find their devices respond quicker and open apps faster than the Flip4.

Is the Galaxy Z Flip5 Worth the Upgrade?

Taking into consideration the upgraded features such as the storage, chipset, outer screen and the gap-free folding of the Galaxy Z Flip5, it’s really worth the upgrade. At least the outer screen and the gap-free folding are just enough to account for the extra $50. However, if a user is looking for upgraded camera specifications and increased battery life, they may not find this upgrade quite necessary. Certain features may make it worth the upgrade, but it solely depends on the user’s preference.

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