Infinix Mobility’s Journey to Success: An Exclusive Interview with Lake Hu

In this exclusive interview, we had the privilege of speaking with Lake Hu, the Vice General Manager and Chief Marketing Officer at Infinix Mobility. With his vast experience in e-commerce, marketing, and startups, Lake Hu has played a pivotal role in driving the global expansion and strategic advancement of Infinix.  Infinix was founded 2013 with the commitment of building stylishly designed cutting-edge technology with a focus on smart devices built to deliver fantastic smartphone experiences. Their products are made from the ground up with next-level technology & exceptional design at the core of every creation, while the company’s brand spirit aims at empowering the lives of today’s youth so they can challenge the norm and stand out from the crowd all around the world.

Join us as we delve into his remarkable journey and gain valuable insights into the success of one of the most promising smartphone manufacturers in the market today.

The interview was made possible with the help of our experienced author Abid Ahsan Santo.


Based on the recent market data provided by Yahoo Finance, Infinix Mobile currently boasts a global market share of 0.92%, which is commendable amid big players like Google and HMD Global. However, a notable comparison arises when looking at Realme’s performance, having achieved a 3.28% global market share despite being established five years after Infinix.

In light of this, I’m curious to gain insights from your perspective. What do you believe are the key factors contributing to Realme’s relatively stronger performance? Furthermore, what strategies or innovative approaches is your team considering to enhance brand visibility and increase market penetration?


Lake Hu: I must say, Realme’s rise has been truly remarkable and impressive! As part of the BBK family, Realme broke stereotypes by focusing on innovation that genuinely connects with the younger generation’s needs, rather than sticking to traditional approaches. With BBK’s strong backing and distribution channels, Realme quickly gained a significant market presence. This journey is quite relatable to ours at Infinix. We believe that with continuous efforts, we can achieve similar success.

At Infinix, our core strategy revolves around localization. Our main goal is to create products tailored to the unique characteristics and preferences of different regions. Our local teams collaborate with regional factories to develop products that match the local users’ expectations. This approach helps us understand and meet users’ demands more effectively.


Congratulations on the successful launch of Infinix GT 10 Pro. I’d like to delve into the design aspect of the phone. Early speculations have suggested a potential inspiration from the Nothing Phone in terms of design aesthetics. Could you provide some clarity on whether Nothing Phone played a role in shaping the design of the Infinix GT 10 Pro devices?

Lake Hu: The GT 10 Pro, the flagship of the INFINIX GT series, is making its debut. Right from the start, we focused on understanding our target users and carried out extensive research and design discussions. Our goal was to infuse a futuristic cyber-mechanical style with a burst of energy into the GT series’ design. This approach aimed to create a refreshing and unique visual experience by blending thoughtful design with exceptional craftsmanship.

Our design concept is all about simplicity at its core: dots, lines, and planes. Our designers transformed these basics with creative brilliance, resulting in an innovative and captivating design. From our perspective, this design sets us apart, evoking a distinct and emotional design sentiment that’s unlike others.


Regarding the Infinix GT 10 Pro, we’ve heard there will also be a Pro Plus model. Could you provide insights into the potential release timeline for this Pro Plus model? Also, will there be a regular Infinix GT 10? If so, will it share the same design aesthetics as the 10 Pro lineup?

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Lake Hu: The GT series isn’t stopping with just one product. We’re committed to expanding our lineup to provide users with more and improved choices. The positive response to GT’s design is thrilling, and we’re dedicated to enhancing and evolving our designs in upcoming products. We’re on a continuous journey of exploration to deliver even more outstanding products. Keep an eye out for what’s ahead!


The innovative design of the GT 10 Pro’s cardboard box, which can transform into a passive sound amplifier and charging holder, is indeed commendable for its dual functionality. Could you share more details about the inspiration behind this unique packaging concept?

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Lake Hu: When we envisioned the GT product for the youth, we wanted a playful yet eco-friendly design. We aimed for packaging that’s not only creative but also useful beyond the initial unboxing. Our packaging is designed to be a long-term part of your life, in line with the cyber punk style of the GT series. We’re merging aesthetics and practicality in a harmonious way.


Given the impressive advancements of Infinix in charging technology, such as the recent introduction of the All-Round 260W fast charge, can you provide insights into Infinix’s roadmap regarding integrating this groundbreaking 260W fast charging capability? Which upcoming Infinix smartphone models can we expect to feature this remarkable charging technology?


At Infinix, we focus on delivering real user experiences, especially in charging technology. We don’t follow trends or external pressures; we prioritize what matters to you. Every year, we introduce new charging innovations. We’ve gone from 160W in 2021 to 260W+110W wireless charging in 2023. But it’s not just about speed; it’s about a complete charging experience – fast, adaptable, smart, and safe.

Our latest All-Round FastCharge takes charging to a whole new level. It lets you charge anywhere, in multiple ways. We’re not stopping here; we’re working on even more innovations to make your charging experience better. Stay tuned!


We hardly see Infinix phones come out with Snapdragon chipsets. Could you elaborate on the dynamics between Infinix and MediaTek? Also, are there any considerations or plans within Infinix to introduce smartphones powered by flagship Snapdragon SoCs in the upcoming product lineup?


Lake Hu: I appreciate your question, but due to current constraints, I am unable to share a response on this topic. Our commitment to confidentiality and privacy is essential. Thank you for understanding.


What are your goals for 2024? What can we expect from your company? Where would you like to focus more to increase your market share? Do you plan to go fully Global sometime in the future?


Lake Hu: Our brand philosophy, “From the user, with the user, for the user,” drives us. As a brand for the internet-savvy youth, we prioritize their authentic needs. For example, we’ve observed their preference for short videos and front-facing cameras, fueling our focus on the ZERO series and Vlogging. We’ll also offer options with “performance + fast charging.” Our attention remains on emerging markets like Indonesia and the Philippines, aligning with our strategy. While we’re not planning a global expansion right now, our commitment remains steadfast.

About Lake Hu

Lake Hu is the Vice General Manager and Chief Marketing Officer at Infinix Mobility. With a remarkable 14-year international journey spanning e-commerce, marketing, and startups in live streaming, fintech, and Web 3.0, he shines in data-driven strategies, process enhancement, and business innovation. Originally from Gansu, Lake Hu earned his bachelor’s degree from China Foreign Affairs University.

He’s previously played pivotal roles at Lazada and Xiaomi, pioneering business teams from the ground up and driving global expansion. At Infinix, he currently spearheads e-commerce and brand marketing, pivotal to the company’s strategic advancement.

Disclaimer: We may be compensated by some of the companies whose products we talk about, but our articles and reviews are always our honest opinions. For more details, you can check out our editorial guidelines and learn about how we use affiliate links.

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