Want to Know Why Your Phone Battery is Draining Fast?

Phone Battery Draining Fast

Finding your phone battery at 0% when you’re out of the home or need to do a task is beyond frustrating. While a power bank may offer temporary relief, identifying the underlying causes of poor battery retention should be your top concern. So, why is the phone battery draining fast?

There are several reasons why your phone battery might be draining fast. Among all, you need to check the display brightness, all the apps running in the background, wireless connections, locating tracking apps, and the condition of the battery.

Looking for comprehensive advice on extending your phone’s battery life and stopping the battery from draining fast? You would want to keep reading as I’ll discuss all the possible reasons and give you easy solutions for each.

Lower the Display Brightness

High display brightness is the most obvious reason your phone battery might be draining fast. While it may seem easy to see the text on the screen with the brightness cranked all the way up, high brightness takes a heavy toll on your phone’s battery.

The good news is that fixing this issue is nothing that complicated. You only need to go to your phone’s brightness settings and lower the slider. However, don’t just set the brightness level all the way to the low just to stop your phone battery from draining fast.

Android 14 Lock screen

A dimmed screen is only better when you’re in a dark environment with no ambient light. A dimmed screen will make it extremely hard to see the text and images clearly if you have impaired eyesight. So, does that mean you should always manually change the phone’s brightness to keep the battery from draining fast?

Not really! Keep the auto brightness adjustment settings on. This feature checks the intensity of your surrounding lighting through the proximity sensor and automatically sets the phone’s brightness.

Turn the Dark Mode When Your Phone Battery Is Draining Fast

Most of the phones these days feature an OLED screen. Aside from just making the pictures look vivid and colorful, OLED screens have one big perk against IPS and other types of screens. That is, these panels don’t turn on when the screen is displaying a true black image.

For that reason, blacks on the OLED panels appear very dark. So, what does this have to do with keeping your phone battery from draining fast? If the pixels are not turning on, the panel is not consuming power to show anything black on the screen. This eventually makes the OLED screen extremely power-efficient in dark mode.

dark mode

So, if you have a phone with an OLED screen and see that your phone battery is draining fast, you should turn the dark mode on. You should find it in the display settings of your phone.

Close the Unnecessary Background Apps To Stop Fast Battery Drains

Some apps must run in the background for an optimal phone experience. For example, VPN, social media, calendar, health, and antivirus apps. But other than these, some apps keep running when you don’t close them.

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And when they are running in the background, they consume a lot of resources, making your phone’s battery drain fast. This can become a huge issue if you don’t have the battery optimization settings turned on your phone.

Too many apps running in background

So, first of all, you should go to the Settings app, click on the Battery or Device Care option, and activate the battery optimization option. Next, you should build the habit of closing apps that don’t need to run in the background when you’re done using them. This will keep your phone’s battery from discharging fast and help it to optimally manage memory.

Check All the Wireless Connections When Your Phone Battery Is Draining Fast

While keeping your phone connected to WiFi, Bluetooth devices, and cellular data all the time may seem a good idea, it’s not. When your phone is connected to multiple wireless networks, the battery needs to do a lot of work. And that could result in your phone battery draining fast.

Disabling Wireless Connections to stop fast battery drains

So, when you’re at home, disable the cellular network data and keep the phone connected to WiFi only. And when you’re out, keep the WiFi settings turned off if you’re not connected to a network. Also, check the Bluetooth settings and see if you’re connected to anything that you don’t need.

Check All the Location Tracking Apps

Many apps you have installed on your phone can track your location. Some examples are Google Maps, Uber, Facebook, and Instagram. And while you may think that they only track your location when you’re using the app, that isn’t always the case. Some constantly monitor your location and make the phone battery drain fast.

So, what can you do about the location-tracking apps that are making your phone battery drain fast? Turn off the location settings when you’re not using any of these apps. That will hinder the location tracking apps from draining your phone’s resources when you’re not using them.

Phone battery

Replace the Battery If It’s Too Old

In some cases, it’s not the apps or phone’s settings that’s making your phone battery drain fast. Instead, your phone battery is draining fast because the battery has become quite old. Depending on your phone’s model, you should generally change the battery after two or three years.

Phone Battery Health

After this period, the phone batteries tend not to hold charge that well. Some phones will notify you when the battery health has degraded too much and advise you to change the battery. But even if your phone doesn’t give such notifications, you should replace the battery when it is discharging fast, and your phone is at least two years old.

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