Amazfit Balance Comes With AI Powers to Help You to Stay Fit and Healthy

Amazfit Balance

For those unaware, the wearable lineup of Amazfit is basically the affordable alternative to the options from Samsung and Apple. But just because the offerings are easy on the wallet, it doesn’t mean that they can’t compete with the high-end brands in terms of quality and features. Take the Amazfit Balance, for example.

It’s a brand-new smartwatch from Amazfit that launched at the IFA 2023 event. And with Amazfit Balance, the accessory brand has basically started a new series of smartwatches. So far, Amazfit’s lineup consisted of only the GTR and GTS smartwatches.

What’s New with the Amazfit Balance Smartwatch

Now, while the Balance does come with the iconic shape of the GTR watches, it has new features and capabilities. Let’s take a closer look.

AI-Powered Health Tracking

Among all, the biggest headline of the Amazfit Balance is its AI integration. Amazfit has done it through Zepp Aura in the Zepp app. Zepp Aura utilizes artificial intelligence to come up with detailed sleep reports of the user. And depending on that report, the AI sleep assistant gives guidance on how to get better sleep.

Besides that, the Amazfit Balance smartwatch comes with AI-powered chatbots. These utilize large language models (LLMs), which makes them capable of understanding your queries. With this integration, you can ask Zepp Aura AI Wellness Coach questions and expect to get clear and straightforward answers.

Amazfit Balance Wellness AI

The AI integration is also available for the Zepp AI Fitness Coach. Like the Wellness Coach, it takes the user data and comes up with a detailed report. Afterward, the Amazfit Balance can suggest how to take your fitness game to the next level. And like the Wellness Coach, you can ask the Zepp AI Fitness Coach questions.

Amazfit Balance Fitness Coach AI

But while the Wellness Coach prioritizes rest and wellness, the Fitness AI Coach of Amazfit Balance is more focused on delivering info regarding sport and fitness. Also, note that the AI services are only available through subscription. But if you’re getting the new smartwatch, you get a three-month free trial.

New and Upgraded Sensors

Apart from the AI-powered features, the Amazfit Balance comes with some hardware upgrades. For example, the smartwatch boasts a dual-LED BioTracker 5.0. It’s a biometric optical sensor that can take data with high precision. And with it, the smartwatch can track your mental and physical recovery status.

You’ll see the “Readiness” score every morning, which will give you an idea of how you’ve balanced the rest and activity levels. The Amazfit Balance smartwatch also has Body Composition measurement features.

Body Composition Sensor

It can effectively track skeletal muscle mass, body fat percentage, muscle mass, water mass, bone mass, BMI, protein levels, and basal metabolism. If this sounds familiar to you, it’s the same feature found in the high-end smartwatches from Samsung and Apple watches.

However, you should note that the recorded data is only from the upper body. If you want a comprehensive report on body composition, Amazfit recommends pairing the Amazfit Body Composition Analyzer Mat with the Balance smartwatch.

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Contactless Payment Feature

Another thing about the Amazfit Balance that’s new to the smartwatch lineup of the Amafit is contactless payment. Amazfit has integrated it with Zepp Pay, letting you make purchases without taking your wallet or phone out.

Contactless Payments with Amazfit Balance

For those wondering, Zepp Pay is bolstered by a partnership between MasterCard and Amazfit. This partnership ensures that all the transactions you make with the Amazfit Balance are secure and safe. Also, you can use the Zepp Pay with the Curve app. That would allow you to use the contactless payments across 31 EU countries.

Other Highlights of the Amazfit Balance

AI-powered features, upgraded sensors, and contactless payment are not the only things that make the Amazfit Balance a great smartwatch. There are some other highlights of the watch that you should know about, which are:

Class-leading GPS Accuracy

The Amazfit Balance comes with 6 satellite position systems. That, combined with dual-band GPS, will make the smartwatch offer you the most precise location information. As a matter of fact, the smartwatch doesn’t have any issues tracking your location even when you’re between the skyscrapers of city centers.

Balance GPS Tracking

Moreover, the Amazfit Balance offers you the option to import a route. You can do this through the companion Zepp app. And after the import, you can navigate through the city and unknown places with much higher precision.

Sleek and Classic Design of the Amazfit Balance

As mentioned earlier, the Amazfit Balance retains the classic design of the Amazfit GTR watches. But you’ll have the freedom to make the watch look how you want. It is compatible with 200+ watch faces, and each one of them looks pretty sleek on the 1.5-inch HD AMOLED screen.

Amazfit Balance Design

Also, the design prioritizes comfort a lot. The overall weight of the watch is just 35 grams, and it comes with an ultra-light nylon strap or sweat-resistant liquid silicone strap.

Ultra-Reliable Battery Life

You don’t need to worry about seeing the Balance at 0% when you need it the most. Amazfit has packed a large-sized battery inside it, which can last for up to 14 days with typical use. And with the AOD mode turned on, the watch can offer up to 5 days of runtime.

Amazfit Balance Smartwatch

Built-in Storage for Music

The Amazfit Balance comes with 2.2 GB of internal storage. You can use it to store all your favorite music tracks, letting you get a completely phone-free experience while exercising and doing outdoor activities.

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