Experience Unmatched Comfort and Sound with Jabra Elite 10

Jabra Elite 10

There’s no denying that Sony, Apple, Samsung, and Bose are in the top positions of the leaderboard in the wireless headphone market. Now, while the offerings from Jabra deliver unmatched calling quality, the earbuds are often hit or miss in terms of sound, design, and, most importantly, comfort. Well, the Jabra Elite 10 puts an end to all those issues.

At the IFA 2023 event, the company unveiled the Jabra Elite 10 alongside the Elite 8 Active earbuds. And unlike the past offerings from Jabra, the Elite 10 comes with everything that you would generally expect from a premium pair of earbuds. That includes advanced ANC, robust sound profile, enhanced design, and many more.

Jabra Elite 10 Main Highlights

So, there are many things that make the Jabra Elite 10 worth considering. But among all, these are the main highlights:

All-day Comfort

Jabra Elite 10 is the first pair of wireless earbuds in the Elite series to feature a semi-open design. But what does it do? With a semi-open design, the earbuds can deliver all-day comfort. More specifically, compared to the closed designs, the shape of these buds does not put too much pressure on your ear canal.

Elite 10 ComfortFit

In addition, the Elite 10 earbuds come with Jabra ComfortFit technology. This technology took into consideration 62 thousands ear scans to create a design suitable for all ear shapes. Additionally, the oval EarGels effectively alleviate in-ear pressure.

What’s more important is that the design isn’t just about comfort. The Elite 10 earbuds can offer a perfectly secure fit. Thanks to that, you can exercise with these buds without worrying about them falling off.

Next Level Immersive Audio Delivery

The Jabra Elite 10 comes with state-of-the-art Spatial Sound technology. Combined with Dolby Head Tracking, the earbuds can deliver an immersive Dolby Atmos experience that puts you right in the center of the sound. You’ll feel the sound coming from all angles.

Immersive Audio of Jabra Elite 10

But it’s not just the immersive nature of the earbuds that makes the Elite 10 earbuds sound good. The 10mm powerful drivers of the earbuds make sure that the audio is full of details, rich, and has a high level of clarity. You should have a redefined experience while listening to music, watching movies, and playing games with these buds.

Noise Cancellation Performance of Jabra Elite 10

Compared to the standard Jabra ANC, the Jabra Advanced Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) tech of the Elite 10 is 2 times stronger. With it turned on, you can get complete isolation and a more immersive audio-listening experience. And the good part is that the ANC works flawlessly even in the most challenging environments.

Moreover, the Jabra Elite 10 comes with HearThrough technology. It can analyze the sound around you and cancel out unnecessary and loud noises. This feature will definitely come in handy when you jog, cycle, or run in the streets with the earbuds on.

Noise Cancellation Jabra Elite 10                                                        

Calling Performance

Like the audio performance, the calling performance of the Jabra Elite 10 is pretty impressive. The buds come with a total of six microphones that can perfectly separate your voice from the background noise. As a result, you get an enhanced calling experience regardless of the environment you’re in.

Microphone configuration

Reliable Battery Life

The Jabra Elite 10 won’t let you down in terms of battery life either. With a full charge, the earbuds can offer up to 6 hours of runtime. And when you bring the charging case into the equation, you get up to 27 hours of play time with ANC and 36 hours without ANC when the battery is at 100%.

Battery Life Jabra Elite 10

There’s no need to worry when the battery is 0% too. The Jabra Elite 10 charging case has a fast charging feature, which can quickly get the buds and carrying case from 0% to 100%. And the great part is that you don’t even need a robust fast charging brick or power bank to make the carrying case charge fast.

Moreover, the buds feature a battery-saving feature, which turns the earbuds off after 15 minutes of inactivity if they are not connected. When they are connected, the battery-saving feature waits for 30 minutes before turning the Elite 10 buds off.

Advanced Connectivity of Jabra Elite 10

It’s easier to stay connected with the Jabra Elite 10. With cross-platform connectivity, you can jump between calls on your laptop and music from your phone with zero hassles. Also, as the earbuds come with Bluetooth 5.3, you can expect to get stable and highly reliable wireless connections.

Further, you can get an enhanced gaming audio performance out of the Jabra Elite 10 buds. It is Bluetooth LE-ready, which makes it capable of transmitting sound with extremely low latency.

Pairing the wireless earbuds with devices is a piece of cake. The Elite 10 comes with Google Fast Pair technology for Android and has Microsoft Swift Pair for Windows. And while there’s no dedicated pairing technology for Apple devices, the buds do connect and pair instantaneously with iPhone, Mac, and iPad.

Hassle-free Controls

The Elite 10 features Google Assistant to let you get things done with simple voice commands. You can also use Google Assistant to control the playback. The buds also have support for Siri, which allows you to use voice commands from an Apple device.

Spotify Tap

Alternatively, you can take full advantage of Spotify Tap on the earbuds to control the playback from Spotify. Also, the touch controls on the wireless buds are pretty easy to get used to.

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