Meet the Anker Soundcore AeroFit and AeroFit Pro

Soundcore AeroFit Pro

While it may not seem like it, open-ear earbuds can truly deliver the ultimate environmental awareness paired with superior comfort. I’ve realized that by trying out the OneOdio OpenRock S. Now, Anker is entering the market with its Soundcore AeroFit lineup.

It’s Anker’s first open-ear earbuds that bring a lot to the table for the price. To be exact, the Soundcore AeroFit is US$130, while the AeroFit Pro boasts a price tag of US$170. They are currently available in Black, with three additional color options on the horizon. Nonetheless, for the price, both earbuds offer superior performance.

Design and Sound Performance

Both the Soundcore AeroFit models build on an open-ear design that lets you stay completely aware of your surroundings. Unlike the in-ear earbuds, the speakers of these buds do not block your ear canal. Instead, they sit just outside of your ears. But this design doesn’t make the earbuds sound poor.

AeroFit Driver Config

Instead, both the Soundcore AeroFit earbuds come with a robust driver setup that offers thumping bass and hi-res audio. The regular version has 14 mm drivers, while the Pro model features 16.2 mm titanium-coated dome drivers. With directional acoustic ports, Soundcore’s AeroFit earbuds can deliver high-quality sound directly to your ears.

Directional Audio

Thanks to the unique design, the AeroFit earbuds can take care of sound leakage. And with lower sound leakage, these buds’ audio output sounds richer and more detail-filled.

In addition, the Soundcore AeroFit Pro comes with LDAC. The hi-res codec enhances the sound performance of the earbuds even further. Plus, there’s a built-in spatial audio feature. It comes with head tracking, allowing you to get a truly immersive audio-listening experience.

Ambient Awareness

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That said, none of the Soundcore AeroFit earbuds come with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). After all, ANC requires a sealed fit, which is something that these new buds are not after. Instead, you get “Open Air Transparency,” a fancy term that Anker is using to say that the buds are open to ambient sound.

Connectivity and Comfort Level of Anker Soundcore AeroFit Earbuds

Both the Soundcore AeroFit and AeroFit Pro come with Bluetooth 5.3. This brings the advanced wireless features that most of the high-end buds in the market come with. For example, you get the Multipoint Connection feature, enabling you to connect multiple devices to the earbuds simultaneously.

Comfort-wise, open-ear earbuds already deliver better comfort than in-ear buds. They don’t block your ears, leaving them open. But Soundcore AeroFit takes things to the next level with a highly ergonomic design. Both the buds come with an adjustable stem, which allows you to get superior fit and comfort.

Soundcore AeroFit

In addition, the AeroFit Pro comes with an adjustable neckband. It’s an optional accessory that you can use to get better stability, allowing you to carry out outdoor activities with complete peace of mind. Yes, some open-ear earbuds already come with a neckband. But the fact that Soundcore’s earbuds have an adjustable and detachable band is a plus.

Detachable band Soundcore AeroFit Pro

On the note of outdoor activities, the Soundcore AeroFit buds have an IPX7 rating, while the AeroFit Pro has an IPX5. Thanks to that, both earbuds can handle splashes of water and sweat without any issues.

Calling Performance and Battery Life

The battery life and calling performance of both the buds are great. You can get up to 46 hours of playtime from the Soundcore AeroFit Pro, while the regular version can offer 42 hours of runtime.

Anker has integrated a total of four microphones in both the AeroFit earbuds. Powered by AI algorithms, these microphones can pick up your voice with high clarity. That means you can take a call even in the not-so-idea environments.

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