Google to shutdown the Google Podcasts app next year

Back in September, Google announced that it would shut down its Google Podcasts app. However, at the time, the company did not announce when it would do so. Now, Google has announced that it will be shutting down its Google Podcasts app in April 2024. This decision comes as part of the company’s broader transition to invest more in podcast tools and features on YouTube Music. The move is aimed at consolidating its podcast offerings and providing a single destination for both music and podcasts.


Google Podcasts (2016-2024) is Google’s third attempt at a podcast app. Google Podcasts is the third of Google’s many attempts to get into podcasting. The company previously launched Google Listen (2009-2012) and Google Play Music Podcasts (2016-2020). However, these apps didn’t make much of a splash.¬†After Google Podcasts is closed, Google recommends users migrate to YouTube Podcasts, the fourth product released in 2022 or¬†YouTube Music.

Transition to YouTube Podcasts

Google’s decision to discontinue the Google Podcasts app is in favour of its fourth podcasting app, YouTube Podcasts, which was launched in 2022. The company has been revamping its podcast capabilities, including the removal of playable podcasts from search results pages and the rollout of new features. Google is committed to being transparent in communicating future changes with its users and podcasters.

Google Podcasts was launched in June 2018, so it has been five years. Users can subscribe to and listen to their favourite podcast content within the app. It supports multiple devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and smart speakers. There are also various categories including comedy, news, history, music, business, TV and movies, education, health and fitness, Technology, art, science, sports and many other aspects.

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Migration and Transition Plan

To facilitate a smooth transition for users, Google has outlined a migration plan for those who currently use the Google Podcasts app. Users will have until April 2024 to continue using the app. For those looking to move from Google Podcasts to YouTube Podcasts, Google has provided a one-click button at

This migration tool is quite simple since it is a one-click solution. Also, users can export their Google Podcast subscriptions as an OPML file at, with exports available until August 2024. The OPML file is an XML-specified file format of its shows. Users can download and import the file into applications that support the format. Users can add also podcast RSS to YouTube Music in advance. This includes programs that are not currently hosted by YouTube.

Impact on Users and Podcasters

The shutdown of the Google Podcasts app will have implications for both users and podcasters. While the transition to YouTube Podcasts is aimed at providing an enhanced podcast experience, it will require users to adapt to a new platform. Podcasters will also need to consider the impact of this transition on their reach and audience engagement. Google’s increased investment in the podcast experience on YouTube Music is expected to offer enhanced analytics and improved discovery for podcasters.

Final Words

Google’s decision to shut down the Google Podcasts app in April 2024 marks a significant shift in its podcasting strategy. The company’s focus on consolidating its podcast offerings and investing in the podcast experience on YouTube Music reflects the evolving landscape of audio content consumption. As users and podcasters prepare for this transition, Google has outlined a migration plan and provided resources to facilitate a smooth shift to alternative podcast platforms.

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