Google’s New ‘AI Support Assistant’ for Questions about Google Services: What You Need to Know

Google AI Support Assistant

As part of its expansive integration of artificial intelligence across its products and services, Google is currently testing a new “AI support assistant.” The feature, which is currently in beta, has been discovered on specific Google Help pages. These include Google Play and Google Maps. However, it is not yet available for use by all users.

Google AI Support Assistant: How it Works Google AI Support Assistant

The chatbot, present on select Google Help pages, primarily offers pre-set questions. Notably, on the Google Play support page, users have the option to input custom questions. However, interactions with this AI support assistant may yield mixed results, as it, like other tools based on large language models (LLMs), may encounter accuracy issues. A cautionary message on the tool acknowledges that the “Help guide may show inaccurate results,” and human reviewers may assess conversations for quality purposes.

What sets chatbot apart is its ability to provide sources for its answers. In contrast to some competitors, including Meta and OpenAI, this feature allows users to fact-check responses, contributing to the transparency of information.

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Despite the inherent challenges faced by LLMs in handling recent information due to their reliance on training models, Google’s AI support assistant has demonstrated accuracy in answering questions. For instance, it successfully addressed queries about redeeming points for discounts on Pixel devices in the Play Store. However, it did not explicitly mention the recent Play Points promotion for the Pixel 8 phones.

In addition to viewing sources, users have the option to rate responses with a thumbs up or thumbs down. This helps in offering feedback to help Google assess the effectiveness of the AI assistant.

Google AI Support Assistant is Not Replacing Human Support (Yet) Google AI Support Assistant

Currently in beta testing, Google’s AI support assistant does not replace existing support options. Users still have access to various support alternatives, including comprehensive support documents, chat support, and phone support. As Google continues to refine and expand its AI features, the AI support assistant could become a valuable addition to its suite of user support tools.

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