HarmonyOS NEXT: Huawei’s Operating System Enters a New Era

Huawei HarmonyOS Next

Huawei is making a big change by moving away from Android and focusing more on HarmonyOS. They recently revealed the next version called HarmonyOS NEXT. This new version will not use the usual Android Open-Source Project (AOSP) code. Instead, it will have its own system architecture that encourages the creation of apps specifically for HarmonyOS. These apps need to be compatible with HarmonyOS and will use Hap format installation packages. This means that HarmonyOS will no longer support Android apps.

The switch to HarmonyOS has led to a surge in job opportunities in the tech industry, especially in China. Big internet companies like NetEase and Meituan are looking for skilled developers who can work with HarmonyOS. They are offering higher salaries than the usual industry standard to attract talent with HarmonyOS expertise.

Increase in HarmonyOS Related Jobs

According to analysts at Zhilian Recruitment, there has been a significant increase in hiring from January to October 2023 in sectors like internet services, computer software, and telecommunications. The demand is particularly high for roles in software and mobile development, focusing on languages such as C++ and Java. These positions often require advanced degrees and several years of experience, with average monthly salaries reaching 17,537 yuan, surpassing the average pay in these fields.

In addition to the growing interest in HarmonyOS, LY.COM, an online travel agency, has announced plans to release a native HarmonyOS app by the end of the year. This app will offer various travel services, and the company plans to continue improving its business offerings in future updates.

The impact of HarmonyOS, as seen in HarmonyOS NEXT, goes beyond just Huawei. It has the potential to influence the global software ecosystem and change the priorities for developer skills. The aggressive recruitment and investment in expertise in the Chinese market underscore the broader implications of HarmonyOS’s evolution.

What Really is Huawei HarmonyOS? Huawei HarmonyOS Next

HarmonyOS is a type of software created by Huawei. At first, it was made to run on different kinds of devices. The idea was to have one operating system that could give a unified experience on smartphones, smartwatches, and other smart gadgets.

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Huawei HarmonyOS NEXT

HarmonyOS NEXT is the newest version of Huawei’s operating system. Unlike before, it completely does away with using Android Open-Source Project (AOSP) code. Instead, it is shifting to a completely independent system architecture. This means that apps must be made specifically for HarmonyOS, and they should use a type of installation package called Hap format.

Impact of HarmonyOS NEXT on Android

As Huawei transitions to HarmonyOS NEXT, they are no longer supporting Android applications in their ecosystem. This means that to work on Huawei devices, apps must be created specifically for HarmonyOS, and Android apps will no longer be supported.

How Huawei HarmonyOS is Affecting the Job Market

Absolutely, there has been a notable increase in job opportunities in the tech sector in China, particularly for developers proficient in working with HarmonyOS. Major technology companies are offering salaries above the industry average to attract skilled individuals with the expertise needed to develop applications for this operating system.

Required Skills for HarmonyOS Related Jobs Huawei HarmonyOS Next

Chinese companies are actively seeking developers who are skilled in languages such as C++ and Java, specifically focusing on software and mobile development tailored for HarmonyOS. Positions in these areas typically require advanced degrees and several years of work experience.

The reported average salary for these positions is 17,537 yuan per month. This figure surpasses the average pay for similar roles in the internet services, computer software, and telecommunication sectors.

Companies that are Currently Working on HarmonyOS Native Applications Huawei HarmonyOS Next

Certainly, an example of this trend is online travel agency LY.COM, which has disclosed its plans to launch a HarmonyOS-compatible app by the end of the year. This app will provide various travel services, and the company aims to include additional business functionalities in future updates. Sources have also hinted on companies like MacDonald’s, Alibaba and others developing their own HarmonyOS native apps.

HarmonyOS NEXT: Its Impact Globally

The introduction of HarmonyOS NEXT has the potential to impact the global software ecosystem by changing the emphasis on developer skills. This shift is underscored by the aggressive recruitment and investment in expertise for this specific operating system within the Chinese market.

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