ROG Cetra SpeedNova Wireless Earbuds Bring Advanced Gaming Features

Asus ROG Cetra SpeedNova earbuds launch

Asus has launched new wireless earbuds that are full of gaming features. Called ROG Cetra SpeedNova, the buds come with the proprietary wireless tech. With that, the wireless earbuds promise a responsive audio experience.

Also, the ROG Cetra SpeedNova has many audio optimizations. These optimizations make these gaming wireless earbuds great for immersive music listening. They also have high-end drivers. That’s not all! There are many other features that make these buds more than for gaming.

Main Highlights of ROG Cetra SpeedNova

Asus has packed the ROG Cetra SpeedNova with loads of features. Among all, these are the main highlights:

Versatile Connectivity

The ROG Cetra SpeedNova comes with the brand’s proprietary wireless connectivity. It’s called SpeedNova, which is a 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity tech. This makes the gaming wireless buds capable of offering ultra-low latency audio.

But it’s not only about offering low-latency audio transmission. The SpeedNova connectivity also lowers power requirements. Thanks to that, you get better battery life out of the ROG Cetra gaming earbuds.

Asus ROG Cetra SpeedNova earbuds

Note that you need the USB-C dongle to enjoy the low latency audio feature of ROG Cetra SpeedNova. In some cases, it may not be possible to plug the dongle in. Well, to make the wireless earbuds versatile, Asus has also integrated Bluetooth 5.3.

It’s one of the latest Bluetooth standards available for wireless earbuds. With this, the Cetra SpeedNova earbuds bring advanced features such as Bluetooth multipoint. Thanks to this, you can keep the buds connected to more than one device at the same time.

Excellent Audio Performance of ROG Cetra SpeedNova

It’s not only the versatile wireless connectivity options that make these buds good. The ROG Cetra SpeedNova has what it takes to deliver detail-rich audio. These earbuds come with the LC3+ wireless codec. This codec makes them capable of transmitting audio at 24-bit 96 KHz resolution. In other words, there won’t be much loss of details during the transmission.

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Audio features of ROG Cetra SpeedNova

Besides, theese gaming earbuds have Dirac Opteo. This tech enhances the details of the output. It also makes the buds capable of delivering a true-to-life listening experience.

Things get even better for the Cetra SpeedNova wireless earbuds. The buds have Adaptive ANC tech. It makes real-time adjustments to make sure you get to hear all the details from the playback. Also, the Adaptive ANC tech makes these buds perform great in different environments.

Adaptive ANC of Cetra SpeedNova

Advanced Microphone Setup of ROG Cetra SpeedNova

Designed for gaming, the Cetra SpeedNova earbuds focus a lot on the microphone setup. Asus knows that Bluetooth buds can’t pick up voice due to the lack of a boom mic. To ensure that gamers can communicate without issues, Asus has integrated bone-conduction sensors.

Bone conduction microphones of ROG Cetra SpeedNova

These sensors, with AI noise-cancelling beamforming microphones, lower background noise. This setup also makes sure that you’re heard loud and clear.

Reliable Battery Life and Comfortable Design

The battery performance of the ROG Cetra SpeedNova is top-notch as well. You can get up to 46 hours of playtime after a full charging session. The charging case also has a fast charging feature, which allows it to offer an hour of runtime in five minutes.

Battery life of Asus ROG Cetra SpeedNova

As for the design, Asus opted for a comfort-forward shape. It ensures gamers can wear these earbuds for a prolonged time. The buds also have an IPX4 rating, which adds to the durability level.

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