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Have you ever felt lost among all the opened browser tabs? Did you find it difficult to get the main summary of a dense text? We’ve all been there. But the good news is that the future of browsing is here! It’s powered by artificial intelligence (AI). But what can an AI browser do?

AI browsers have what it takes to offer you a personalized browsing experience. They also come with features to boost your productivity. And let’s not forget the extra perks that some of them have. They can make browsing more fun.

But not every AI browser out there is worth an install. Some just come with gimmicks that are not good enough to enhance browsing. On the other hand, others are basically a must-try. And you can learn all about them by continuing to read.

Microsoft Edge Copilot: The AI Browser That You Have by Default

Microsoft Edge

Imagine having a chatty, tech-savvy friend sitting right beside you while you’re browsing the web. That’s Microsoft Edge Copilot in a nutshell. This AI browser assistant seamlessly integrates into Edge. It’s always ready to chat, summarize web pages, and answer your burning questions.

Need a quick rundown of that 2,000-word article on quantum physics? Copilot’s got you covered. Want to polish that email before sending it off? Copilot’s your writing companion. Feeling lost in a sea of information? Copilot can pull out the relevant insights based on the page you’re viewing. It’s like having a personal research assistant and writing coach rolled into one. The good part is that this AI browser comes as a default on modern Windows machines.

But if you don’t have it installed, you can download it from the official site (link).

Brave’s Leo AI: AI Browser with a Focus on Privacy

Brave Leo AI

For privacy-conscious web browsers, Brave Browser has always been an easy choice. But now, with its built-in AI assistant, Leo, it’s become a powerful AI browser as well.

Leo, your new AI confidante, lives in the Brave sidebar. Like Copilot, it’s always ready to answer your questions, translate text on the fly, and even summarize web pages. It does all of that while keeping your precious data safe and sound.

Think of this AI browser assistant as a Swiss army knife for the privacy-minded browser. Brave also acts like a shield against trackers and ads and is a trusty tool for easily navigating the information superhighway.

You can download the Brave AI browser from the official site (link).

Opera’s Aria: Unleash Your Inner Creativity

Opera Aria Browser AI

Gizchina News of the week

Opera is a browser known for its sleek design and innovative features. But recently, it has joined the AI party with its very own assistant. This AI browser assistant is called Aria.

Aria, like Brave Leo, is a multilingual maestro who lives in the Opera sidebar. It’s ready to chat, translate, and even channel your inner Shakespeare with its blog post, email, presentation, and composing skills.

Aria is your one-stop shop for conquering language barriers and unleashing your creative genius. You get all that within the comfort of your browser. With Aria, you can say goodbye to struggling with foreign websites. You won’t even stare at a blank page wondering how to begin that blog post you want to write. Yes, the AI assistant can do a lot of things.

You can download the latest Opera browser from the official site (link).

Arc’s Max: Preview Power and Productivity Prowess

Arc Max AI Browser assistant

Arc is basically the organization-obsessed browser. But with its AI assistant, the browser takes efficiency to a whole new level. This AI browser assistant is called.

Max is like a productivity ninja, lurking in the shadows of your browser, ready to spring into action with its web page preview superpower. Hover over a link, press a key and boom! You get a sneak peek of the page without leaving your current tab.

The browser assistant Max is also capable of answering questions and summarizing web pages. You can get all that with a single command. And the best part? It’s free and currently available on macOS, with a Windows version on the horizon.

So, if you’re a productivity enthusiast who thrives on staying organized, Arc and Max are your perfect AI-powered duo.

You can download the Arc browser for macOS through the official site (link).

SigmaOS Airis: The AI Renaissance Man

SigmaOS Airis AI Browser Assistant

SigmaOS is a newcomer on the block. But it boasts a beautifully designed interface and has a powerful AI assistant called Airis. Airis is like the Da Vinci of AI assistants, a master of many trades.

This AI browser assistant can answer your questions, write poems, summarize web pages, and even reword text on the fly. It can also make all these simpler or add a dash of humor (depending on your mood).

Think of it as your personal AI Swiss Army knife, ready to tackle any linguistic or browsing challenge that comes your way. However, be prepared to wait a bit for this gem. Access is currently granted through a waitlist. But this one’s worth the wait, especially if you’re a macOS user looking for an AI companion with a Renaissance flair.

You can download the SigmaOS browser for Mac from the official site (link).

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