The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Bend Test: Surprising Results Revealed

Galaxy S24 Ultra test
Image Credit: JerryRigEverything

Samsung’s highly-anticipated Galaxy S24 Ultra is officially hitting the shelves today, with some lucky users already getting their hands on it ahead of schedule. If you’re contemplating whether the titanium build and the new Gorilla Armor live up to the hype, worry not – Zack from JerryRigEverything has conducted an extensive durability test, putting the S24 Ultra through scratches, burns, and the notorious bend test.

Unveiling the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Impressive Durability

Image Credit: phonearena

Before diving into the test results, it’s worth noting that Samsung has not disclosed the specific grade of titanium utilized in the S24 Ultra. In comparison, Apple proudly uses grade 5 titanium, the more expensive option, while some companies opt for grade 2 without much fanfare. Samsung’s choice remains a mystery, similar to its discreet upgrade of the S24 series speakers. Now, onto the test.

The Gorilla Armor glass protecting the screen exhibits fine scratches at level 6 on the Mohs hardness scale. Notably, there are no deeper grooves at level 7, a departure from conventional glass structures. The presence of deeper grooves only manifests at level 8, marking a groundbreaking achievement in mobile glass durability.

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While the titanium build is not entirely scratch-proof, it withstands scratches admirably. The nature of the buttons – whether titanium or an aluminum alloy – remains uncertain. Disassembling the S Pen reveals its internal components. And a flame test shows that pixels endure about 30 seconds of exposure before turning white and failing to recover.

In a sigh of relief for potential buyers, the S24 Ultra successfully survives the bend test. Showcasing minimal flex when bent from both sides without any signs of cracking. This resilience adds a reassuring touch to the device’s robust construction.

As Samsung enthusiasts contemplate the Galaxy S24 Ultra as their next smartphone investment, Zack’s durability test provides valuable insights into the device’s build quality. Confirming the impressive durability of its Gorilla Armor and titanium components. The subtle yet substantial enhancements in glass toughness and overall construction contribute to the device’s appeal as a reliable and resilient flagship option.

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