Saudi Arabia launches the world’s first national-level “Metaverse” platform

Saudi Arabia has taken a significant step in the realm of technology by launching the world’s first national-level “Metaverse” platform. This innovative digital realm merges the virtual and physical worlds, offering immersive 3D experiences shared among all users. The emergence of the Metaverse in Saudi Arabia is set to revolutionize various sectors, from business and education to healthcare and tourism.

Metaverse platform

According to Gulf News and the Ministry of Culture of Saudi Arabia, the country has launched the world’s first national-level “Metaverse” platform. This platform is powered by advanced “Generative Media Intelligence” (GMI) and smart systems provide technical support.

The launch took place on Saudi Arabia’s Founding Day (February 22). It aims to integrate cultural and artistic connotations and digital innovation. The platform also showcases the achievements of Saudi music, art, history, cooking and craft culture.

The platform also features mini video games and a performance center and supports the broadcasting of live events such as symphony concerts. It features a “historic and cultural district” designed to encourage a global audience to explore Saudi Arabia’s heritage and culture.

Metaverse platform

Users can access this national “Metaverse” platform through mobile phones, VR headsets, computers and other devices. Millions of people can access the “Metaverse” platform no matter where they are or what technology they use. With this, they can participate in and experience the Saudi culture.

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Economic Growth and Innovation

The Metaverse in Saudi Arabia presents a unique opportunity for economic growth, attracting foreign investment, creating new revenue streams, and fostering innovation. With a rapidly developing tech industry and a tech-savvy population, Saudi Arabia is well-positioned to capitalize on this emerging trend. The country’s Vision 2030 plan aims to diversify the economy and create new jobs, aligning perfectly with the potential of the Metaverse to drive growth.

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Transforming Industries

The Metaverse will impact traditional industries such as retail, real estate, and entertainment. Virtual shopping experiences, virtual real estate, and virtual events are reshaping these sectors, requiring adaptation to stay competitive in the digital economy. The Metaverse offers an opportunity for businesses to reinvent themselves. It also offers an opportunity to tap into new markets through immersive experiences and innovative advertising strategies.

Metaverse platform

Applications Across Sectors

In Saudi Arabia, the Metaverse is already making waves across various sectors. From virtual tours of historical sites like Hegra’s Tomb of Lihyan to virtual hospitals like Seha Virtual offering remote healthcare services, the applications are diverse. Education is also benefiting from virtual reality headsets and software, making online learning more accessible and engaging than ever before.


Saudi Arabia’s foray into the Metaverse marks a significant milestone in technological advancement. The country has a strategic focus on leveraging the potential of this digital realm across various sectors. It will lead the way in embracing the transformative power of the Metaverse. As this innovative technology continues to evolve, it will reshape how we work, learn, and interact. It will also reshape how people conduct business on a national scale in Saudi Arabia.

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