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OPPO AR Glasses

The market of wearables is trending in 2020 thanks to a huge demand for smartwatches and TWS earphones. However, there is a particular niche in …

Spaces app

At the time we are in, the use of video conferencing to hold meetings has increased exponentially worldwide. With hundreds of thousands of people around …

It seems Samsung has special plans for the VR technology and their new Gear VR Headset (the successor to this year’s model) is expected to …

Quite popular nowadays thanks to their action cameras, Yi technology plans to further expand its portfolio of products soon, by launching Yi 360 VR Camera, …

EleCam 360 Player

If you own MGCOOL’s 360 action camera you’ll be glad to know the company released a new software to play with the video footage.

umi vr box 3

We’ve said it before and we will say it again, expect to see a lot of VR this year as Chinese phone makers try to claim a niche of their own, and UMi look like they want to be first.

oppo vr goggles

VR Goggles are something which we have seen companies dabble in over the past few months with ideas ranging from DIY cardboard options to this Oppo headset.

Virtual reality systems that use mobile devices are about to get a big shot in the arm of immersion, thanks to a 360 video app designed by FINWE