Apple 2024 iPad Air will use an LCD screen: Mini-LED display is too expensive

2024 iPad Air

In the ever-evolving world of technology, Apple enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the release of new products, especially when it comes to the iconic iPad series. Recent reports have stirred up excitement and speculation about the upcoming 2024 iPad Air, shedding light on potential changes and surprises in store for Apple’s loyal fan base. Ross Young, the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), has been a prominent figure in revealing crucial details about Apple’s plans for the iPad lineup.

2024 iPad Air

Change of Plans: LCD Instead of Mini-LED

Initially, there were strong indications that the 12.9-inch iPad Air would feature a cutting-edge Mini-LED display, aligning it with the premium iPad Pro models. However, recent developments have taken an unexpected turn. Ross Young, through insights from various supply chain sources, disclosed that Apple’s upcoming 12.9-inch iPad Air will not utilize the Mini-LED technology as previously anticipated. Instead, due to the considerable cost associated with Mini-LED panels, the new iPad Air models are set to retain LCD displays. This decision marks a significant departure from the initial expectations and sets the stage for distinct differences between the iPad Air and iPad Pro product lines.

The Evolution of Display Technology

The shift from Mini-LED to LCD displays in the 2024 iPad Air models underscores the intricate balance between cutting-edge innovation and practical considerations in the tech industry. While Mini-LED technology offers superior display performance, the cost implications have prompted Apple to opt for LCD screens in the upcoming iPad Air lineup. This strategic decision reflects Apple’s commitment to delivering high-quality products while ensuring cost-effectiveness for consumers.

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Future Prospects: A New High-End iPad Model

Looking ahead, Ross Young hinted at the possibility of Apple introducing a new iPad model equipped with a 12.9-inch Mini-LED display in the fourth quarter of 2024. This potential addition to Apple’s product portfolio raises intriguing questions about the company’s strategic direction and product differentiation. Speculations suggest that this new model could represent a repositioned high-end iPad Air or a lower-tier iPad Pro variant, or even introduce an entirely new product line model. The anticipation surrounding this upcoming release underscores Apple’s ability to captivate audiences with innovative offerings that push the boundaries of technology.

2024 iPad Air

Codenames and Design Insights

Reports from ITHome have unveiled intriguing details about the development of two new versions of the iPad Air, codenamed J507 and J537. While one model closely resembles the current iPad Air in design, the other variant features a larger 12.9-inch display, measuring 280.6 mm x 214.9 mm x 6.0 mm. These revelations provide a glimpse into the meticulous planning and design considerations that Apple incorporates into its product development process, highlighting the company’s dedication to delivering products that resonate with consumer preferences and expectations.


As the tech industry continues to evolve, Apple’s strategic decisions regarding display technology in the 2024 iPad Air exemplify the delicate balance between innovation, cost-effectiveness, and consumer preferences. While the shift to LCD screens may come as a surprise to some, it underscores Apple’s commitment to delivering exceptional products that cater to a diverse range of consumer needs. With the promise of future releases and potential new product lines on the horizon, Apple enthusiasts can look forward to a dynamic and exciting future in the world of technology.

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