Google I/O 2024 Event – What to Expect Considering the Rumors

Google I/O 2024

Get ready to dive into the future! Google I/O 2024, which is two days away from now. This annual developer conference generally unveils cutting-edge advancements. This year promises to be no different. There are whispers of a groundbreaking Android update and the next iteration of Google’s powerful AI. We could also see a plethora of other innovations. (Source: Pocket-Lint)

What groundbreaking announcements will grace the stage? How will Android 15 reshape our mobile experience? Let’s give you an idea of what you can expect about the upcoming Google I/O 2024 event.

Disclaimer: The expected announcements are based on leaks, industry experts, and insiders. However, there is no confirmation from Google we will see all these announcements at Google I/O, so take them with a pinch of salt. Apart from Android 15, which we will certainly see a release and the Pixel 8a series, other announcements can also come at the event. So without further ado, let’s see what we can expect.

Android 15 – Google’s Next Mobile Operating System

Android 15

The next major update to Android, already in beta testing, will be a highlight at Google I/O 2024. This is our chance to see features that reports have talked about or hidden behind the curtain.

Google will be showcasing a broad range of functionalities. That includes satellite messaging, a feature many have been anticipating. We might also glimpse new lock screen widgets designed for tablets and advancements in monitoring battery health. Also, rumors swirl about a “Private Space” feature for hiding apps and data.

While a specific release date for Android 15 is unlikely, Google I/O will likely offer a timeframe. Based on past launches, October seems like a reasonable guess.

A Small Glimpse Google Pixel Fold 2

Google Pixel Fold

The Pixel Fold, Google’s first foray into foldables, debuted at I/O 2023. Whispers of a successor, the Pixel Fold 2, are already making the rounds.

This year’s conference might offer a tantalizing peek at the Fold 2. Leaks suggest a sleeker design, a new screen aspect ratio, and a reshuffle of the camera layout on both sides. But the real game-changer could be the rumored Tensor G4 processor. It would put the Fold 2 ahead of the Pixel 8 series with its G3 chip. A potential RAM upgrade from 12GB to 16GB could further enhance performance.

But a full reveal might not be on the cards. Some rumors point towards an October launch and a possible name change – Pixel 9 Pro Fold. This would make the device align with upcoming flagships. Regardless of the moniker, Google I/O 2024 might only provide a taste of the Fold 2. So, we will need to wait for the full picture.

Google Could Showcase Many AI Advancements At I/O 2024


Google I/O 2024 is a landmark event for Artificial Intelligence. There’s a strong focus on Gemini, Google’s powerful generative AI. We can expect to hear about exciting upgrades and its expansion into new areas.

Gizchina News of the week

One rumor gaining traction is “Pixie,” an AI assistant based on Gemini. This could potentially be exclusive to Pixel 9 devices. While details about the Pixel 9 lineup remain under wraps, introducing Pixie to developers now paves the way for future support.

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Beyond Pixie, Google Assistant’s future hinges on Gemini. We might see Gemini take on more responsibilities. That includes smart home control, which could replace Assistant. This transition requires compatibility with existing smart home devices. So, it could lead to a refresh of Google Nest speakers and displays later this year. Code hinting at unreleased Nest hardware found within the Google Home app strengthens this speculation. After all, the last major Nest product, the second-generation Nest Hub, launched in 2021.

Wear OS 5 – Google’s Next Operating System for Smartwatches

Wear OS

With the Pixel Watch already in its second generation, Google has a clear incentive to keep Wear OS evolving. A developer session at I/O titled “Advances in the Watch Face Format” hints at a potential Wear OS update.

This refresh is likely overdue, mirroring the situation with Google Nest hardware. Wear OS 4 currently runs on Android 13, while many devices have enjoyed Android 14 for months. While an update aligning Wear OS with Android 15 might be a stretch, some advancements seem highly probable.

Google TV and Android TV

Google TV

News on Google’s smart TV platforms remains hush-hus. But an I/O session sparks hope. The session title beckons developers to explore “new user experience enhancements in Google TV and the latest additions to the next Android TV OS platform update.” This suggests updates for both platforms, although the improvements might be modest.

Rumors, courtesy of 9to5Google, hint at a potential upgrade for the 4K Chromecast. This could include a faster processor, boosted RAM and storage, or even a redesigned remote. Considering the current model debuted in 2020, an update feels overdue, especially if it involves supporting future Gemini functionalities.

What Else Can You Expect?

While the highlights discussed so far are sure to generate excitement, Google I/O 2024 is known for throwing in a few surprises. Here are some extra areas to keep an eye on:

Google’s Core Business and Services

Google will likely touch upon its advertising business, the lifeblood of many free services. Updates on Gmail, Google Maps, and other core offerings are also on the table.

The AR/VR Conundrum

Google has a somewhat checkered past with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology. After the failed Google Glass project, players like Meta and Apple have taken the lead. While a surprise headset reveal isn’t impossible, advancements in technology – particularly cost, size, and battery life – might be needed before Google makes a serious comeback in this space.

Meta Quest 2 VR

Hardware Snippets

Don’t hold your breath for in-depth discussions on the Pixel 9 series, the second-generation Pixel Tablet, or the Pixel Watch 3. Google generally unveils its marquee hardware later in the fall. But a teaser or two might pique our curiosity.

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