Tech Upgrades For Car To Make It Feel Like New Again

tech upgrades for car

The thing about cars is that the once cutting-edge features can feel clunky and outdated. And when they do, you may¬†feel yearning¬†for a more modern driving experience.¬†But ditching the trusty vehicle for a brand-new one¬†isn’t always¬†an option.¬†But the good news is you can easily make it feel new by getting some tech upgrades for¬†car.

Another good part is that you don’t need to break the bank. This article explores some fantastic tech upgrades that will transform your aging car.¬†We’re talking about features that¬†not only¬†make your drives more enjoyable¬†but also¬†improve safety and convenience.

So, buckle up and get ready to discover how to make your old car feel brand new again!

Touch Screen Stereo Upgrade for All Your Entertainment Needs

For a single, impactful upgrade,¬†look no further than a modern touchscreen stereo.¬†Units supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto completely¬†transform your driving experience. It’s like bringing your car’s interior into the 21st century! Of course, you get that without emptying your wallet on an expensive tech upgrade.

Think about it: a big, central display is a game-changer compared to fiddling with a phone in a holder. The larger screen is easier and safer to use while driving. Plus, no more worrying about phone battery life or hot/cold air messing with your phone.

Some models¬†even¬†enhance sound quality with improved amplifiers and digital-to-analog converters (DACs). This stereo can also become the hub for backup and dash cameras, which we’ll discuss later.

While features increase with price, focus on getting CarPlay/Android Auto for a reasonable cost.

Touch screen multimedia

Backup Camera for Enhanced Safety

Don’t¬†underestimate the power of a backup camera!¬†These affordable tech upgrades display what’s behind your car on the stereo screen¬†when you reverse.¬†Parking and maneuvering become a breeze, preventing bumps, scratches, and costly accidents.

Backup cameras are¬†very important. The US has even mandated them in all new cars since 2018! So, this tech upgrade isn’t only about making your car feel new.¬†It’s also going to¬†make you compliant with the law if you’re in the US.

Adding a camera can be done in various ways. The best option is to connect a compatible model to your new touchscreen stereo (remember that upgrade?). While drilling for cables and screws might be involved, the peace of mind is well worth it.

Dash Cam Is Another Tech Upgrade You Should Consider

dash cam

Ever feel stressed about a potential accident or a false insurance claim? A dash cam is the tech upgrade you’re looking for! These handy devices continuously record the road ahead, storing the footage on an SD card or¬†even¬†the cloud.

In case of an accident or an attempted insurance scam, the recording can be invaluable evidence proving your innocence. Some models even offer 24/7 surveillance for parked car protection.

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But dash cams aren’t just for worst-case scenarios. This tech upgrade can capture the beauty of your road trips and relive those scenic adventures!

The good news? Dash cams are another affordable upgrade that can work independently of your infotainment system.

A Heads Up Display Is Also A Big Tech Upgrade for Your Car

HUD for car

Imagine having vital information displayed right on your windshield. It will eliminate the need to glance down at the dashboard. That’s the magic of a Heads-Up Display (HUD).

These compact displays project essential details like speed, time, and fuel consumption directly in your line of sight. Advanced models can even show weather, engine RPM, and even navigation guidance.

There are two HUD options: a projector for your windshield or a mini-screen on your dashboard. Some are wireless, while others connect to your car’s power via the OBD port or USB.

For those who prefer a clean view, minimalist HUDs project only the current speed ‚Äď perfect if your car lacks a digital speedometer.

Phone Charger to Keep Your Devices Topped Up

Long journeys shouldn’t be a battery anxiety nightmare for your phone! A reliable phone charger is a must-have,¬†especially¬†if you rely on your smartphone for navigation.

Basic models are budget-friendly, plugging directly into your cigarette lighter and using your existing USB cable. Look for options with fast-charging capabilities and the ever-popular USB-C compatibility.

Feeling fancy? Upgrade to a wireless charging dock or magnetic phone holder for a touch of convenience. For a truly integrated experience, consider an OEM-style wireless charger designed specifically for your car model.

phone charger for car - tech upgrade for car

Bluetooth Audio For Wireless Listening In Your Car

Remember those days fumbling with CDs or tangled aux cables? A Bluetooth adapter is your ticket to a world of frustration-free music streaming.

These handy devices, similar to phone chargers, plug into your cigarette lighter or AUX port. The magic? They wirelessly transmit audio from your phone to your car stereo, letting you play your favorite tunes with ease.

Some models go a step further, offering built-in microphones for hands-free calling and even USB ports for charging and music playback.

Blind Spot Monitoring – More Tech Upgrades to Enhance Safety

Ever feel that nagging worry about unseen vehicles in your blind spot? Blind spot monitoring systems are the tech upgrade that will take this stress away!

These systems use sensors to detect cars lurking in your blind spots, typically out of your visual range. When a vehicle enters this zone, a warning light illuminates your side mirror. This alerts you to potential danger.

While newer cars often have built-in blind spot detection, fear not! Universal models offer a cost-effective and easy upgrade, significantly enhancing your safety on the road.

For some cars with factory blind spot options, adding sensors to your existing mirrors might be an option. However, there are good universal systems that provide a user-friendly alternative.

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