Samsung Smart TV Features You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Samsung Smart TV

Modern TVs boast a dizzying array of features, some useful, others not so much. Samsung smart TVs are no different. But beyond the standard bells and whistles, these TVs pack a punch with unique functionalities. These are designed to elevate your entire entertainment experience.

Intrigued? We’re diving deep into the treasure trove of features that set Samsung smart TVs apart. Get ready to transform your living room into a hub for top-notch entertainment.

Samsung SmartThings – Interconnect Your Smart Network

Samsung SmartThings

Samsung smart TVs go beyond entertainment. Buckle up for a glimpse into the future of smart homes, all accessible through the innovative SmartThings feature. This acts as Samsung’s central hub, connecting all your compatible smart devices into a unified network.

Imagine controlling your lights, monitoring your doorbell camera, or even receiving a notification when your laundry cycle finishes. You get all that from the comfort of your couch. Samsung SmartThings puts you in control. It allows you to toggle settings and track energy usage. You can even implement energy-saving protocols for your smart appliances.

A 3D model of your living room might seem like a quirky extra. But the core functionality of SmartThings is impressive. It transforms your Samsung smart TV into the command center of your smart home. You get to have unparalleled convenience and control over your connected devices.

Smart Calibration on Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart Calibration

Samsung smart TVs are built to deliver a cinematic experience right in your living room. To achieve this, Samsung offers Smart Calibration, a tool that optimizes your TV’s settings to match the filmmaker’s intended vision.

Choose from a quick basic calibration or dive deeper into the “professional level” option for a more refined picture. While it might not match a professional calibration, it will enhance your viewing experience.

Samsung smart TVs also boast Filmmaker Mode, an industry-standard setting that disables unnecessary processing. This ensures you’re watching movies and shows exactly as the director intended. So, you get an authentic cinematic experience.

Seamless Phone Integration

Phone integration on Samsung TV

Samsung understands our modern reality. We often use our phones while watching TV. But what if you could connect these devices for an even more convenient experience?

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The Samsung smart TVs offer that. Mirror your phone’s screen onto your TV, perfect for sharing photos or videos on the big screen. Feeling adventurous? Use the innovative Multi-View feature to cast your phone’s screen onto a part of your TV. This lets you watch two things simultaneously. It’s perfect for catching up on social media while enjoying a movie, or keeping an eye on sports scores alongside the game itself.

Samsung even suggests using mirroring for remote video calls, allowing you to watch content with someone while seeing their reactions on a part of the screen. It is a great way to stay connected despite physical distance.

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Spatial 360 Audio with Samsung Smart TVs

360 Degree Audio

Samsung pushes the boundaries of TV audio with the innovative 360 Audio feature (available on select models). This unique functionality, designed for use with compatible Galaxy Buds, creates a personalized and immersive listening experience.

Imagine the sound moving with you – turn your head, and the audio adjusts accordingly. It’s like having your own private soundstage, perfect for late-night movie marathons without disturbing others.

Note that this feature might not be available to everyone. If you have a top-notch sound system or need to keep noise levels down, you might find the standard audio options more suitable. However, for those seeking a personalized audio experience, 360 Audio with Galaxy Buds is a must-try.

Sync Lighting to Create an Immersive Environment

Samsung TV lighting sync

As a thrilling chase scene unfolds on your Samsung smart TV, the lights in your room begin to pulse and shift color in sync with the on-screen action. This immersive experience is made possible through Samsung’s compatibility with Philips Hue smart lights.

Controlled directly from the SmartThings hub, Philips Hue lights can transform your living room into a multi-sensory haven. Choose from a variety of settings, with dynamic lighting effects that react to the audio playing on your TV. While not ideal for every genre (think serious documentaries!), this feature is perfect for igniting the atmosphere during action movies, music videos, or even gaming sessions.

Note that this feature requires Philips Hue smart lights and is entirely optional. However, for those seeking to take their entertainment experience to the next level, the combination of Samsung smart TVs and Philips Hue lighting creates a captivating atmosphere.

Take Full Advantage of the Feature-packed Remote

Samsung Smart TV remote

Samsung smart TVs focus on user convenience, and the remote is no exception. While it might not boast all the bells and whistles of some competitors, it still packs a punch with features designed to make your life easier.

Use voice commands to control your TV with Bixby or Alexa – perfect for searching for content or adjusting settings hands-free. And say goodbye to frantic battery searches! Samsung offers a unique solar-powered remote that charges from both indoor and outdoor light. Simply place the remote face down when not in use, and it will be ready to go whenever you need it.

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