Copilot Now Lets Windows 11 Users Manage Their Android Phones

Windows 11 Copilot

Using your phone while on your computer can be a hassle. But what if you could manage your Android 14 phone right from your Windows 11 PC? That’s what Microsoft Copilot lets you do!

Manage Your Android 14 Phone on Windows 11 with Microsoft Copilot

Connecting Your Phone and PC

First, you’ll need to link your Android phone to your PC using the Phone Link app. This app comes pre-installed on Windows 11. Just download the Phone Link app on your Android phone from Google Play. Once both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, you’re good to go!

Using Copilot to Manage Your Phone

With your phone linked, open a web browser on your PC and head to There, you’ll find a Phone plug-in (often represented by a hamburger menu icon). Click on it to connect Copilot to your phone. Now, the fun part: you can talk to Copilot like you would a friend!

What Can Copilot Do?

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  • See Your Stuff: Need to check a text message or a note on your phone? Just ask Copilot! Say “show me my latest text message” or “find the note titled ‘grocery list'”.
  • Get Things Done: Want to set an alarm or open an app on your phone without picking it up? Copilot can help! Tell it “set an alarm for 8 pm on my phone” or “open Maps and show me how to get to [destination]”.

Things to Keep in Mind

While Copilot is cool, it’s still new. Because of this, it might take a minute or so for Copilot to respond to your requests. Also, what Copilot can do might depend on the type of Android phone you have.

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Bonus Features for Some Phones

If you have a Samsung, Honor, or Oppo phone (including OnePlus and Realme), you get even more features! These phones allow full device access through Phone Link. This means you can see your phone’s screen on your PC and even open apps and interact with them directly!

The Future of Connected Devices

Copilot with Phone Link is a big step forward in connecting your phone and PC. It lets you manage your Android 14 phone with your voice, making things easier and faster. As technology gets better, we can expect even more ways to work seamlessly between our phones and computers.

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