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Xiaomi have announced the Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD earphones in India for 1,999 INR or roughly $30, with sales commencing tomorrow.


Newest addition to the dodocool audio product lineup is already available in the market and the sporty in-ear are now selling for few days with …

The new Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD from Xiaomi are now being offered to buyers in the US.

With the new Apple lineup abolishing the long serving 3.5mm jack many users are forced to look elsewhere for headphones and earphones and maybe the …

Seems like it’s time for Meizu to take a break from releasing waves of new and new smartphone models and for once  get back to …

After giving us a teaser of their latest earphones yesterday, OnePlus have just now unveiled the Bullets V2, their latest pair IEM earphones.

The new Meizu EP51 wireless Bluetooth earphones are here with some impressive specifications and a not-so-light on the pocket price tag.

huawei metal earphones

Huawei’s P9 is what we are all waiting to launch, but audio buffs might also find these new in ear earphones interesting too.

Another set of UMi branded earphones have been launched and they are already available through Amazon.

xiaomi hybrid earphone review

Ears on with Xiaomi’s 4th generation earphones. Do they make up in the bass dept where the Piston 3 failed? Find out in our Xiaomi …

umi divoix dv100 earphone

UMi have added a new in ear headphone to their audio line-up, the new UMi DIVOIX DV100 was announced this morning and is already available to buy on Amazon across Europe.

Besides the new OnePlus X smartphone, OnePlus also launched the Icons, a new pair of earphones that cost $50.

getone app

GetOne have updated their application with 3 new products including the Xiaomi Mi Band, Voix earphones and Aukey Bluetooth earbuds all for $9.99!

doogee vienna

Doogee have a long line of new phones to get through this year, and now they are expanding on those handsets with a new set of earphones.

Xiaomi’s version 3 of the piston range sees a complete redesign, higher weight and much comfier feel. Learn more in our ears on review.

huawei honor earphone

Did you know that Huawei also have their own alloy body earphones? Well they do, and with our special discount code you can save %50 on them right now.

Here’s the full review of the 1More Design Piston earphones, which at $17 come with Swarovski elements embedded!

umi zero earphones

UMi are making moves in to the Indian smartphone market place and could also be ready to launch a range of accessories starting with a pair of earphones.

iuni earphones

IUNI, better known for their Android phones, have released a pair of earphones with unique twist to adjust feature.

OnePlus sells their One at extremely low prices. One of the measures taken to keep prices at a low-level is to sell the One with pretty …