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homtom ht7 pro

HomTom have taken their budget HT7 phone and created the seriously impressive HomTom HT7 Pro with updated hardware improvements and an affordable $90 price tag.

Homtom’s celebrating the festive season with a total of six phone giveaways; here’s how you can participate!

homtom HT7

Homtom demo a couple new features that will be making their way to the new HT7 battery phone.

homtom ht7

Pricing of the HomTom HT7 has been announced and it is very very low with a retail price of only $39.99, with a catch. HomTom …

top 10 sub $100 phones

If you are working with a tight budget for the holidays but really have an Android smartphone in mind then take a look at these …

homtom HT7

Homtom have been trying to carve a niche out for itself as the maker of large battery phones, but the HT7 doesn’t have the 7000mAh battery you might first think, instead it will compete on price.

blackview bv5000 review

A growing trend has seen Chinese phone makers offer larger and larger batteries in their phones this year, we list 10 phones with larger than 3500mAh battery that might make the perfect Christmas gift.

We get our hands on the large battery Homtom HT5 Android smartphone, check it out in this hands on and unboxing video.

This week we have received a few new links to various videos aiming to prove the strength of upcoming and current Chinese phones. It got us wondering, how would you test the durability of a Chinese phone?

homtom ht6

The HOMTOM HT6 launched earlier in the month with robust 6250mAh battery pricing was already keen on the phone, but a deal on Aliexpress has the phone at only $120.

HOMTOM has two excellent smartphones in the HT5 and HT6, if only because of their monstrous batteries that can plow most consumers through a few …

Shatter-resistant displays are growing in popularity as consumers expect more from their smartphones. The HOMTOM HT5 comes with a 4,250mAh battery that should survive two …

homtom ht6

Homtom surprised us all with their first model, the Homtom HT6, with huge 6000mAh+ battery, but the company assure us that the HT6 is more than a large battery brute.

Battery life is a never-ending problem these days, with devices coming in slimmer packages with smaller batteries while being counteracted by higher-resolution displays. Optimizations are …

doogee homtom ht6

Doogee are so set on providing customers with large battery smartphones that they have released a sub brand, HomTom, that will specialise in only big capacity phones.