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Meitu Closes Smartphone Business, Handing Its Development To Xiaomi

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meitu m6

Now on sale in China are both the new Meitu M6 and Meitu V4 smartphones with camera centric hardware, and quite lofty pricing.

meitu v4 leather back

Meitu have a leather beauty phone lurking in the shadows at TENAA with large storage and decent camera hardware.

meitu tenaa

Meitu are a phone maker that does very well in China because they were the first to build phones to meet female user needs, their latest phone has shown up at Tenaa and specs are impressive.

meitu snap 1 bf1

Meitu are known for their beautification applications and also their smartphones with high resolution front cameras, and now they are offering a duo of external cameras one designed to look like a lipstick.

Chinese phone maker Meitu release another camera centric model the “Selfie Centric” Meitu M4 and special edition Helly Kitty model.

meitu 2

Chinese phone makers like Meitu have been producing phones soley for the purpose of filling a very specific niche in the market. The Meitu 2 is the companies second ‘selfie’- centric device, with updated specifications and features.