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Vivo will be unveiling their latest flagship phone in Shenzhen next month, and if these purported official renderings are genuine it could be one of …

The Oppo Find 5 will be available in black in China soon, while that might not sound like the most imaginative colour choice, it manages to look pretty stunning on this 1080 Chinese phone!

Newman have unveiled the design for the Newman K1 an upcoming flagship Android smartphone to replace the mighty Newman N2!

The current crop of Chinese smartphones pack quad-core processors, 5-inch screens and 13 mega-pixel cameras, and before you start to choose one to buy here’s another to add to your list, the Verne V5.

Huawei are preparing yet another phone which could possibly be the Huawei Ascend G710, a budget spec 5-inched with Huawei dual-core chip.