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5 Best Gaming Phones Avid Gamers Can Buy In Singapore In 2022

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More Xiaomi news this time in the form of a possible Taiwan launch for the Snapdragon 800 version of the Xiaomi Mi3 smartphone.

Xiaomi are making their first tentative steps out of China with the official launch of the Xiaomi Redmi in Singapore on Feb 21st.

Xiaomi’s popular Hongmi phone has been given an official English name. The 799 Yuan phone will know be known as the Xiaomi Redmi.

Q3 is when Meizu will be pushing their way head first in to the U.S phone market and latest details claim that the launch will be accompanied by not 1 but a possible 3 Meizu MX4 models.

Xiaomi is full of beans after a highly successful year. The rising Chinese maker reported 18.7 million smartphone sales for 2013!

Xiaomi have started the first phase of becoming a global player by setting up shop in Singapore and officially launching a Xiaomi Singapore Facebook Page.

In its first flash sale outside of the Chinese mainland, Xiaomi have managed to shift 10,000 Xiaomi Hongmi phones in less than 10 minutes in Taiwan.

We have been patiently waiting to see when Xiaomi would eventually become an international brand and today news of their first steps to do so have been announced!

The LG G Flex, previously limited to Korea, is set to begin its global release, starting December 8th when it will be released in Singapore and then continuing onto Hong Kong December 13th

There is going to be a lot of exciting Xiaomi news today! The latest is that Xiaomi are officially branching out of China and are …

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