CutePad Shows Off $62 Tablet at Canton Fair

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20111014074152949 300x199 CutePad Shows Off $62 Tablet at Canton Fair

October's Canton Fair is in full swing

The HongKong China Sourcing Fair, also known as the Canton fair has officially opened it’s doors to the public and as expected there are plenty and electronics companies in attendance to show off their latest tablets, phones and other gadgets and gizmos.

Cutepad, a new name in the tablet world are at the show with a few new tablets, details of which you can see below.

Cutepad have a couple of Android tablets on show at the Canton fair, but the one which has caught our eye was the Youyou Z7.


20111014122417824 300x199 CutePad Shows Off $62 Tablet at Canton Fair

The 7-inch Youyou from Cutepad fro only $62!


As the name suggest the Youyou Z7 features a 7-inch screen and is priced at an extremely affordable 399 Yuan ($62) which could make it one of the cheapest Android tablets on the market today.


20111014122417227 300x199 CutePad Shows Off $62 Tablet at Canton Fair

The Youyou Z7 features HDMI out and other useful features


The Youyou Z7’s specification hasn’t been extended upon but from the outside we could see HDMI, 2 x USB and a micro SD card reader. Actually the overall appearance of the little 7 inch Cutepad isn’t all that dissimilar from the current Lenovo A1 tablet or the original 7-inch Samsung Galaxy.

Cutepad also had another 7-inch tablet on display and a few 10-inch Android tablets, which we will post details on later in the week.


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