M97 iPad 2 Knock-off Specification and Price Details

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ipad 2 knock off china 8 300x200 M97 iPad 2 Knock off Specification and Price DetailsWe still can’t quite get over just how amazing the Shenzhen made M97 iPad 2 clone looks!
If you had missed our exclusive coverage on the release of this iPad 2 replica, take a look at our article earlier this week here, if you don’t have time here are the details:

The M97 is almost a perfect replica of the real iPad 2 tablet from Apple, we say almost as the Chinese deigned and manufactured clone measures slightly thicker than the real iPad, that and the fact the specification is actually slightly better than the real iPad 2!

While the M97 ‘only’ gets a 7 hour batter life, the iPad 2 can get up to 10 hours, the clone does have a more powerful 1.2Ghz CPU and double the RAM of the Apple tablet at a full 1GB!

ipad 2 knock off china 6 300x200 M97 iPad 2 Knock off Specification and Price Details

What’s more Grefu the company behind the knock-off have given their version of the iPad 2 better cameras and expandable memory using micro SD cards.

Grefu had reportedly released a lower specified version of the Android Gingerbread iPad clone months ago in foreign markets, but has significantly improved performance and specification for its China launch.

See more photos of the Grefu M97 here!

Pricing for the Grefu M97 Android iPad 2 clone is 1199 Yuan which works out to be around $188!

We’ll bring you details for where to buy one once we find out!

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  • jerry

    I am trying to find this in china, but the prices are 3000 Yuan, which is about nearly 450 USD…..

  • Mannoaz

    I brought one of these a few weeks ago. My only comment at the moment being, they are a little short on information in the user manual. An excellent product that will impress most users once they work out the controls. ^_^

  • Mannoaz

    My cost by the way was US$205.00

    • madamelee

      can you tell me where i can buy this, have seen them with pricing all over map.

      seems to be some confusion as to whether the grefu 97-2 has builtin 3g, is ice cream, etc.
      qould really appreciate your input

      • Gizchina

        At the time of writing Gingerbread was installed as standard with an ICS Rom on the way, but it looks like the Android 4.0 rom is already ready.