HTC Unveils Budget RenRen Phone

htc daren renren phone china
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HTC Renren China 01 HTC Unveils Budget RenRen Phone

HTC have unveiled their latest handset for the Chinese market. The budget Android phone is actually just the new HTC Explorer which has had it’s UI customized for the Chinese market to work with RenRen rather than Facebook and Twitter.

The Daren, or ‘RenRen’ phone, as the Chinese version of the HTC Explorer has been christened, will cost 2099 Yuan ($330) and feature a modest mind numbingly unexciting specification such as a low resolution, 480 x 300, 3.2-inch touchscreen and 3.2 mega-pixel camera.

HTC’s Daren is the second phone targeted at China’s social network crowd with the Daren designed to interact with China’s Facebook style social networking portal RenRen, the first was a modified HTC Salsa, called the Weike which was designed to seamlessly connect to  Sina’s Weibo micro blogging service.

HTC plan to introduce introduce 5 additional Android smartphones to the Chinese maker over the coming weeks, including the companies’s much anticipated Sensation XE phone, which will ship with Dr, Dre Monster Beats headphones.

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