Chinese clone makers on form! Refreshed iMac clone running Windows 8 launched!

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Yesterday Apple announced the iPad mini (which we all knew about) and a refreshed, thinner iMac along with some other products, well not to be outdone, Chinese clone makers announced their own iPad mini clone (see here) and a Windows 8 running iMac clone!

The company behind this newer, thinner iMac clone is China’s Rahway, who either managed to sneak a peek at the new iMac’s design before yesterday or were just really good a guessing what the popular all-in-one PC would look like!

Like the real new iMac this iMac clone features a newer thinner body and the latest operating system available, however rather than OSX Mountain Lion, the knock-off iMac gets Windows 8 instead!

new imac clone windows 8 china

This particular version of the new iMac clone features a 21.5 inch display with 1920 x 1080 resolution screen, 4GB RAM and a 500GB hard-drive, strangely there is no word on what CPU the clone is running, but we can only hope its a modern i3 or above rather than the usual Atom CPU we usually come across.

More details on this new iMac clone as we get them!

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    I wonder why never another manufaturer installed an osx x86 version… Would apple rain down fire and lightning on them? With the right hardware and drivers, it could be possible, no?

    • Andi

      There were some clones a few years ago running Snow Leopard but they seemed to have stopped making them now

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