Huawei Ascend W1 launched in Africa

huawei ascend w1 africa
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Huawei are strengthening their global presence with an all new Africa only Windows phone.

Chinese phone maker Huawei are looking to become a major global market leader this year, but to do so they are going to need more than just impressive flagship devices such as the Ascend Mate and P2.

One plan they have set in motion is the 4Afrika Initiative, which sees Huawei teaming up with Microsoft to launch affordable Windows phones across Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Angola, Morocco and South Africa.

The first phone to launch is a bespoke Windows phone which based on the recently unveiled Huawei Ascend W1. The phone features a 4-inch screen, 5 mega-pixel rear camera and 420 hours stand-by time.

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  • AndroidFreak

    am from Kenya and anyone buying windows phone is my enemy 😛

  • Lex

    I’m from Nigeria, who will buy it with the very low spec? Windows sucks.


    I’m from Cameroon. I was at their showroom yesterday, people are actually buying the windows phone. I’m not a fan of windows but i think basic users will like that simple tiled windows phone UI.