Rumour: Xiaomi Mi2a and Xiaomi Box to launch April 9th

xiaomi mi2a launch rumour
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The latest news from the Xiaomi rumour mill is that the Beijing based start-up could be secretly planning to launch the new Mi2A phone and Xiaomi Box at Xiaomi festival held on April 9th.

According to the rumours, Xiaomi are planning their annual “Rice Festival” at the National Convention Center in Beijing to promote the launch of MIUI V5, however many believe that the company could also officially launch the Xiaomi Box, an Android TV device, and the phone to replace the Xiaomi M1s.

The new Xiaomi phone, possibly named the Mi2a, is thought to be one of the first phones to use a dual-core 1.7Ghz Snapdragon 400 processor. We are sure to see the phone sometime in the near future as it has already received its network license, and the launch of a new OS version seems like the perfect place to show it off!

  • anon

    Who cares? Xiaomi phones are all overpriced as heck internationally. Might as well buy big brand than importing Xiaomi phones.

  • Sere83

    Not really, seen Mi2 32gb on legitimate sites for as little as £280 w/shipping, much cheaper than almost all high end flagship phones from big manufacturers apart from Nexus 4 but its arguably better specd.

    • mannie

      Can you send a link since i certainly can’t find it that cheap

    • anon

      Yup, I certainly can get their phone at that price (or at all) within 3-6 months after the launch. /s

      • FTP

        Dear Sere83 Mi2 where can we buy Xiami Mi2 32 GB for 280GBP/365USD.
        I still see these being sold at 440USD and have to pay additional shipping charges too.

        Anon i agree with you Xiaomi Mi2 still sell at very high prices, I try to check the prices almost every day since December 2012 :(

        My thought is that JiaYu should now make phones with new Qualcomm processors or S4 PRO.
        (I think they have presence outside china too)

        • FTP

          I did wrong conversion 280GBP is 417 USD. Where is it being sold for this price?

          • mannie

            Thought it said 280 dollars instead of pounds but its being sold under 400 dollars on