HTC could be the official partner of CyanogenMod

htc cyanogenmod
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We know that CyanogenMod will be working with a hardware manufacturer to produce CM phones, but could that company by HTC?

Blog of Mobile are reporting that Taiwanese phone maker HTC could be named the official partner of CyanogenMod, but there isn’t much in the way of solid proof just a few Tweets from HTC developers based in Seattle, the same city as CM offices.

HTC would be a great partner for the custom ROM maker, but Oppo could also be a suitable candidate. Either way we will have to wait a few weeks to find out who it is for sure.

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Robin Maxwell
Hi, Robin Maxwell here! Mobile technology is my passions, and while I've been known to dabble with iOS devices I'm a firm Android convert, currently waiting for the Oppo Find 5 to launch!!
  • lexboi

    Cant wait to see a custom CM in a a known brand phone

    • Petarda

      well download a CM ROM and put it in, you can find CM ports for pretty much every phone you can think of…

      • Andi

        Unfortunately this is not the case for Mediatek phones :(

  • yash3339

    I’m pretty sure it’s OPPO. They released a video with CM’s Steve.

  • Simon

    Is CyanogenMod still a top custom rom, when compared with the likes of Paranoid, AOKP, MIUI ?

  • Juiceman

    It is Oppo, pretty sure. Read the description ;)

  • tweetycontrabajo

    Xiaomi has miui, based in CM

    • Mitch

      Miui went from cm to aosp in v4. Like 1-1.5 years ago.