Have your eyes set on the OnePlus One? You might have to wait until late June!

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OnePlus promised availability in Q2 this year, and judging by how things are shaping up, it looks like the company might need all of the three months that fall in the second quarter  — April, May and June — before the device is available freely.

Followers of the company hoped for availability to begin soon after the launch, which took place exactly a week back. However, as the wiser minds would’ve predicted, it will take OnePlus a while before their first phone is available to anyone who wants it. According to an official post on the OnePlus forums, it will be late June when the device will hit the ‘increased general availability’ phase; ‘people who want it should be able to get an invite without much trouble in June’. Here’ are the excerpts from what was posted:

We realized that far more people wanted the One than what we originally anticipated. Over the past few days, we have been frantically adjusting our production schedule to make sure that as many people possible can buy the One, as soon as possible.

We now know that people want the 64GB Sandstone Black far more than the 16GB Silk White, but we also know that more than everything, people just want to get their hands on the device as soon as possible.

Our production schedule is as follows:

  • Ready now – 100 for phone smashers
  • Mid to late May – Larger batch 16GB Silk White for the first batch of invites
  • Early June – Larger batch 64GB Sandstone Black
  • Later in June – Increased general availability, people who want it should be able to get an invite without much trouble in June

With the Phone Smash competition underway, it shouldn’t be long before we start getting actual user reviews of the device. However, mid to late May is when most of the hype is going to die down, with invitees expected to receive their One units during the period.

With only $50 separating the 64GB model from the 16GB one, the demand for the higher-capacity version is quite understandable and lot less a surprise, don’t you think?


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  • guerrierodipace

    more late=less production cost=more profit ;)

    • desponent

      and they won’t step on their Oppo’s overlord toe to soon. ;)

    • Airyl

      They’re selling the thing for $299, of course they’re going to try and ooze every single dollar they can. You think they don’t need profit?

      • desponent

        Why are you so mad? He’s not even saying that they’re bad or don’t need profit. Are you already their fanboy?

        • Airyl

          I’m not angry with him, I’m telling him that OnePlus a company. They need to squeeze out as much profit as they possibly can. Are you trying to make me angry?

  • Gentoo

    “Later in June – Increased general availability, people who want it should be able to get an invite without much trouble in June”

    Ha ha, OnePlus, so it’s the invites people will have to wait till June for, not the phone itself. Do you really think your company is so high-grounded that people will be willing to wait for invites?

    I’d like to slap these morons across their faces and bring them back down to earth. This company should be avoided for creating a false hype bubble.

    • Cuerex

      you should be slapped for believing every hype on the internet

    • Airyl

      You have no right to slap people like that. OnePlus is not a large brand, they’re just launching their first phone. They need to take their time if they’re going to pull this off well.

      • OnePlus None

        I rather pay an additional $100 if they skip the stupid invites. Most people won’t get their hands on one indeed. Let the slapping commence!!!!!

        • Airyl

          I’d rather buy a Nubia, IUNI or Xiaomi to be perfectly honest. I don’t like the One that much at all.

  • Kurma Chaitanya

    The invite system doesn’t put me off – if the invites are easily available, who cares. What I’d like to see is other companies producing mobiles with the same camera quality so my options aren’t so limited – I do want dual sim and would prefer a removable battery – what were they thinking making an accessible fixed battery?

  • Rob

    this phone, all the hype and the invite system has underwhelmed me so much I’ve bought a completely different handset. wasn’t worth the continued waiting as apart from a good price this phone offers nothing new, despite what opo would have us all believe.

    • Airyl

      What did you buy?

      • Rob

        I bought the Kingzone k1 pro. Was waiting to see what the Vivo xshot had to offer as I love the look and features of their phones, but my current phone decided it was going to die so needed a phone that is available now not in 6 months time! Will prob use it for a year and see whats on the market then.

        • GmanNL

          Hope you read this, would like to hear about your experience with this phone. I see it as a good alternative for the X8 and G6. (removable battery, SD card addition, good price) Also, where did you buy it?
          Would be nice to see a review of this really nice looking Kingzone here on Gizchina.

          • Rob

            Hi, will let you know when it arrives as it was only dispatched yesterday! I think it looks like a quality piece of kit and is running android 4.3.9 as opposed to 4.2 like most China phones. I’ve also got a QI charger and case coming, I got it from aliexpress as it was cheapest I could find after a lot of searching.

            • GmanNL

              I agree, it looks really good and I’m expecting good quality.
              Only downside I see is that it’s not very popular (yet), so it might be difficult to find custom roms for it in the future.
              Decisions, decisions…

            • Rob

              Hi, got the phone this morning. Even though the software was only 10 days old there a an update available which is promising as it means they’re doing their best to make sure it’s bug free. The phone itself is awesome, ran antutu X and got a score of 28000, which I think is brilliant for this chip. The screen is superb and is made by sharp, it is crystal clear and razor sharp with no light bleed and excellent colours including blacks, even with the screen on its lowest setting its bright. The camera is great with loads of detail and battery so far seems above average but its early days. I got it on aliexpress, no problems or customs charges would recommend to anyone, did I mention build quality and sound are great!

            • GmanNL

              Thanks Rob!
              Also due to your review, I have decided to get one as well!
              I’m quite excited about it :-)

            • Rob

              One little update, I was worried about battery life but I’ve got 2 days with 30% left with battery saving switched off! No idea how they’ve done it but this phone is awesome, let me know how u get on with yours.

    • J

      Same, I ended up getting the Oppo 7a

      • Airyl

        Find 7A is awesome, especially the camera. Good buy.

  • MRU

    Until June I will have chosen at least two other phones…….
    Aside from a bunch of hype, what exactly is the innovation this hip company wanted to bring?
    More bang for the buck? Easy when daddy oppo has the cash.
    For nonsense like invitation bs, 1+ is too late, there already is Apple in charge of silliness.

    As it is, there is little motivation to buy this phone now. Even less in June/July, or even August.

    • Airyl

      What exactly do you people have against the relationship between Oppo and 1+? First of all, we’ve no idea of it’s true it not, and even if it is, it doesn’t bring any harm to anyone. And they need to sell by invites so they can keep the price low, like how Xiaomi sells by batches.

      As is, they’re is definitely less motivation to buy this phone, but bashing the manufacturers isn’t going to get you anywhere. Maybe send the a signed letter, that’ll probably help.

  • Fox-News

    I say this should be expected as these manufacturers including Xiaomi, don’t have the capacity for mass production.

  • Feher

    The only thing that attracted me towards the phone was their bogus claim that it fits under Z1.

    I was planning to buy a 5 inch phone. And i thought they might give me a 5.5 inch phone in a 5-5.2 inch body. Way to ruin my expectations with such blatant lies.

    Ubuntu edge remains my dream phone. That was the best Idea

    • Cuerex

      they didn’t lie, they said that you can hide the One under Z1 in this picture, not considering the length of the phone.. much people are just to stupid to understand that tech has its limits and set to high expectations.. its the same with current flagship phone updates from samsung and htc for example.. people set too high expectations because they don’t know how technology works

      • Pedro Miguel


        • Cuerex

          this suits your age

        • Airyl

          Dude, what the hell? That’s so immature.

          • Pedro Miguel

            Look, what Cuerex said is wrong. Saying that tech has it’s limits is stupid and somehow a lie (following the context of conversation). My stupid reply is because this guys are always inventing excuses for the size of OPO .They are exhausting and repetitive.

            • Airyl

              See? That wasn’t hard. A nice, long answer is always better than a silly reply. Generally, I believe that technology does in fact have limits. However, those limits are constantly increasing, so it’s not exactly that limited either. There’s just endless possibilities, like pop up displays, holographic displays, curved displays, the list is endless. For now however, it’s quite impossible to make a phone with tiny dimensions since it would be counter intuitive. There would be a lot of accidental screen touches and it would break easier since there’s not much protection. See what I mean?

      • Feher

        Thanks Airyl and Cuerex for replying.

        It is not about lying, They promised an innovative design. From this statement i concluded that we might get a near bezel-less design. But the fact is that One plus One is wider than Z1 and longer that Note 3(which is a 5.7 inch phone). And I didn’t notice any effort from their side to trim the phone. On the other hand, they promised a phone under $400 and gave it in $299 – which is awesome.

        I believe that they toyed with my emotions with their PR gimmicks. I am the one to blame too. LG G2 was a brilliant phone in terms of dimensions and LG G3 or Meizu’s next phone might be similar.

        Regarding Current Phones and Flagships: Smartphone technology is moving at a breathtaking pace. I follow ereaders and we haven’t actually seen a single update in the last 3 years for 9.7 inch ereaders.

    • Airyl

      It’s not a complete lie though. It’s definitely not as wide as the Z1, It’s just longer than the Z1. If you switched on the on screen buttons, I think that the main parts of the phone could possibly fit under a Z1.

  • Cuerex

    everyone who is complaining here had a wrong thought about OnePlus and will never understand what they stand for

  • Freeje


  • Kurma Chaitanya

    OnePlus seem to have have put some thought into making a large phone sit comfortably in the palm of the hand even if it is similar to the Oppo 7 – thin large phones with square edges and hard surfaces like the iOcean X8 may look cool but I doubt will be so comfortable to grip. The other thing I like about this phone is the camera – excellent low light shots and clear photos even with the sun in front. I’ll wait until June/July, check what owners are saying, and if all is well and the invites have flooded the forums gladly get the 64MB version and it will be my phone until the non removable battery dies :(

  • njren

    It’s simply the danger of social marketing, of “emotionally involving” your customers. Try to forge too close a relationship, try to “bond”, try to be too edgy, too brash with your message…it all comes back around to bite you with equivalent (or greater) negativity. Dial down the message and they’re unmoved; the great “meh”. Live by the hype, die by the hype; just a risk you take with a percentage of potential buyers. The folks at OnePlus know exactly what they’re doing; new company, but certainly not new to the game.