OPPO sold 99.4 million smartphones in 2016, grew 133 percent

OPPO sold 99.4 million smartphones in 2016, grew 133 percent


Chinese smartphone manufacturer OPPO has hit benchmark sales and is showing no signs of slowing down. OPPO’s “simple and focused” strategy for 2016 has earned them four straight quarters of more than 100 percent year-on-year growth.

OPPO shipped out a staggering 99.4 million smartphones in 2016, a marvelous improvement over the 2015 figure of 42.7 million smartphones. OPPO’s achievements put it in fourth place among global counterparts like Huawei and Samsung according to a market research conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC).

“In 2016, our strategy was to stay simple and focused – putting out premium-quality products with phenomenal cameras,” said Sky Li, OPPO VP and Managing Director of International Mobile Business. “The success we saw is because of our commitment to listening to our users and bringing them devices tailor-made for their lifestyles. We’ll redouble that commitment as we continue our global expansion this year.”

At the centre of OPPO’s strategy was a blend of cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art mobile photography. The OPPO F series and R series saw resounding success in the two primary smartphone sales regions – South and South-East Asia. The OPPO F1s were marketed as “selfie-expert” smartphones with their 16 MP front cameras.

The OPPO R9 series took the market by storm when it was launched in the beginning of 2016. The R9 connected with a growing market of selfie-fanatics and catapulted OPPO’s sales unit share in the country to 10.9 percent, an explosive increase from just 1.2 percent in 2015.


It is worth noting that OPPO has achieved this landmark milestone without pushing into the European or US markets. IDC’s preliminary data shows that OPPO accounts for 6.8 percent of the global smartphone market – an impressive feat for a company that is just over eight years old.

OPPO Find 9

in 2016, OPPO expanded its operations to 26 countries including new markets like Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan and New Zealand. The company now plans to accelerate growth in Egypt and North Africa by using a recently established marketing center in Egypt.

With upcoming phones like OPPO Find 9 and new mid-rangers like OPPO A57, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer looks poised to enter 2017 with a renewed flair.

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  • Yeti hand

    Muhammad Yassir !! I see what you did here

  • sere83

    Sware don’t understand the fascination with oppo. Overpriced, underspeced, weak UI skin and some of their devices are actual iclones. Like so baffling…

    • balcobomber25

      I don’t understand the fascination with the current OPPO models, but the Find 7 was an amazing phone. If they would release a Find 9, I would buy it.

      • sere83

        My sisters husband actually had a find 7 he bought because he didnt want to wait for the one plus one to release as i suggested. Was OK but The major issue he had was there was only a small amount of the storage space allocated for apps and then you couldn’t install them anywhere else. They never fixed the issue. Also various other OS bugs and OS updates were few and far between. He wasn’t that impressed and went back to iPhone in the end. Obviously internally it was essentially the same blueprint as my one plus one which I think was a better all round device. Their software skin now is just a criminal rip off of iOS though, amazing they haven’t been litigated against, although spose that is china for you. Build is good on oppo phones but still don’t see the fascination, just an upmarket clone manufacturer now really in my mind selling underspeced phones at inflated price tags.

  • balcobomber25

    Time for a Find 9!

    • NextHype

      Oppo’s pricing evolved since 2014… I’m afraid the long awaited Find 9 will be priced like a Huawei flagship, putting it out of reach from mere mortals.

  • Never really appealed to me.
    Suprised actually they’re doing so well.
    You don’t hear about them that much.