‘Bezelless’ Elephone S8 nearing launch, here’s some more info (photos)

‘Bezelless’ Elephone S8 nearing launch, here’s some more info (photos)


Elephone don’t give up with the edge-less phone design and after Sharp and Xiaomi, they claim to be ones that will launch the third device in the world without top and side bezels, i.e. the Elephone S8.

elephone s8

The Elephone S8, other than its stunning display, should also be featuring a shiny and scratch resistant back cover, which is created through a 15-steps process that produces what they call lumia wave.

Only a few weeks back we saw a prototype of the device, or at least we assume so. The Elephone S8 is said to flaunt a 6-inch Full HD display, which given the bezel-less design of the phone, should make the device relatively easy to hold, unlike the 6.44-inch Xiaomi Mi Mix.

Elephone S8

In addition to that, the Elephone S8 will also have an home button on the front, we aren’t aware if that doubles as a fingerprint scanner, but I don’t see why not. Plus it’ll supports microSD cards up to 128GB.

While we know it’ll be powered by a MediaTek Helio X27, there are still many unknown factors, like amount of RAM, cameras resolution, battery capacity and more.

What do you guys think about this phone? Are you hyped or you don’t really like the bezel-less design? Let us know in the comments below

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  • Julian

    I haven’t looked at Elephone since the P7000 (which was a bit of a big disappointment), but I should say, this phone looks stunning…
    Lets wait and see… they can still fuck this up big time…

    • Ibrahim Bahakim

      oh I am sure they can fuck up any of their product…………… if they actually launch it.

    • Stef

      P8000 and P9000 were much better than P7000 (which is one of the structurally worse Elephones ever made). Also they both support customers rims (unlike P7000)

  • jimberkas

    oh, they’ll definitely fuck it up. but i don’t like this bezel-less trend anyway. need at least a little bezel.

  • This was announced two weeks ago – https://china3d.ru/elephone-s8-new-smartphone/

  • Jake99

    It looks like a great phone so far, but you never know if it will ever actually see the light of day, because there had been quite a few ambitious projects by elephone and you can count on the fingers of one hand how many of them actually got released..

  • Thomas Nelson

    can’t deny it looks impressive, it’s a nice thing elephone decided to put a home button at the bottom of the screen instead of that dreadful logo text

  • JY Yew

    I still think less botton bezel and a bit of top bezel is better if you aim for a near bezelless display. A good front camera and good call audio is important too. Proximity and iris scanners are also pretty important, especially iris scanners for new flagships.

    But it does look like a stunning phone, that is certain

  • OverPlayed

    The problems with previously released similar phones were about the front speaked (the one that’s used for calls), hopefully Elephone manages to work around it!

  • Why do these dumbass manufacturers keep making such gargantuan phones? What is this? 1985?

    • David

      1985 phones is 3 inches thick, 2 inches wide, 12 inches long, with another 12 inches long antenna, weigh over 1,5 kg.
      One more : the monochrome screen is 1,5 inch big with only one line like your calculator.

      While the phone above is 6 inches and 16 million colour OLED display with less than 8mm thick weigh less than 2 ounces, held like a 5,5 inches phone(the result of bezel-less), can do anything from serious quality pro-like photography, 3D heavy-duty games, lightspeed 4G internet connection, high definition video entertainment in a live streaming mode or not, and simply a mini super computer in your pocket slimmer than your wallet.

      1985?…No,but 2017 with gadgets that should be exist in the future.

    • james

      I got mi mix in my hand and definitely a good piece of kit. Only problem I see with bezelless design is drop test I couldn’t go back to huge bezel now. Gain a inch of screen for same sized phone who wouldn’t.

    • kermitto

      Maybe you’re too small.