This Fantastic Looking Vaio Won’t Be Found On The Sony Website

Last week we posted a rather convincing looking Vaio TT netbook clone available in Shenzhen for an amazing 1500 Yuan! ($225) Not only was the price just unbelievable, but the overall look was spot on! You would really be hard pushed to tell the fake from the real thing.
That seems to be an on going theme when it comes to Vaio knockoffs as we have another stunning looking pink fake here!
Take a good look at these pictures.

If you hadn’t already been told, would you have known this isn’t a genuine Sony Vaio? If it had had a genuine model number printed on it, it would have been even more difficult to valid it to be fake.

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As for the internal specs, regular readers should know them off by heart, as the components in this 13.3 inch clone are the same as you’d find in any cheap 10 inch netbook or Macbook Air copy:

Intel Atom 1.6GHz CPU, 1G Ram, 160Gb hard drive, USB, VGA, Ethernet but no CD/DVD drive.
Speaking of cheap expect to pay as little as 1900 Yuan ($285) for this model with prices increasing depending the amount of RAM you want.

Via Shanzhaiben

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