iPhone 5 Branded Clone Packs Hidden Innovation

You can look at this phone in a number of different ways:

  • You could look at it and think ‘Thats the worst looking iPhone clone I’ve ever seen, it even has a physical keyboard!’
  • You might see it as a rather smart, but basic looking phone. Glass panels on the front and rear of the body with an alloy band around the middle make for a rather classy looking glossy sandwich.
  • What a great bit of innovation! A smart looking phone with front and rear facing cameras, but with a very novel battery charging solution built in!

Gizchina News of the week

The battery of what the Chinese press have dubbed the iPhone 5 Clone has a USB plug attached via a short wire, which folds in side the body of the phone. What this means is you can pop the battery out and charge it where ever there is a device with USB plugs without having to carry a charger with you.

You might be wondering why the press call it an iPhone 5 clone, well the 5 in this case stands for 5 minutes which is supposedly the time it takes to fully charge the battery when connected to a computer.

Who says Shanzhai lacks innovation?!
Via: M8cool

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