Wopad Android Tablet Gets Capacitive Screen and $150 Price!

The Wopad Android tablet gets a multi-touch capacitive screen, light-weight, great design, and a low price. Welcome to the second generation of Android tablets!

Earlier this year if you wanted a reasonably priced tablet the only options you had were the iPad or one of the numerous Chinese made Android tablets. The Chinese firms having no competition had an easy time of it so settled with making iPad clones with lower specs and poor (for the purpose) resistive screens.
Fast forward a few months and we have  the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy tablet, Archos tablets and the soon to be released Blackberry Playbook not to mention the iPad 2, if the Chinese tablet manufacturers want to stay in the game they realized they would up the stakes.

The Wopad represents the first wave of stake raising specification enhanced Android pads available at a very affordable price.

The major upgrade on this 999 Yuan ($150) tablet is the capacitive screen (the same technology used in the iPad and Galaxy Tablet) not only does the screen respond better to finger tip controls, but it also offers multi-touch input. The new screen also gives the Android O.S are more grown up feel rather than the ‘it will do’ feel of previous Shenzhen made tablets.
The visuals on the Wopad are also a far cry from the previous generation of Android tablet with crisp text and vibrant colours.
Internally there’s the ever popular Rockchip RK2818 CPU clocked at 600 Mhz with 3D acceleration, 256 Mb RAM, 4 GB of internal storage (external SD card reader) and a 3200mAh battery. There’s also a HDMI out to play HD video over a TV too.

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The screen really brings this little tablet alive, the system responds smoothly and in a snappy fashion, plus the accuracy of the capacitive makes it a joy rather than a chore to use (see ePad review).

One oddity I would like to mention is the Android 2.1 O.S! Why not spec the machine with the latest 2.2 system rather than leaving consumers to go through the trouble of upgrading it themselves?
Besides the slightly out of date O.S the Wopad has everything going for it, low price, low weight (380g), very portable size and a great screen! If this is the bench mark for the second wave of Chinese Android tablets the big boys may have some worrying to do!

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Words: Andi Sykes

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