Ostentatious Louis Vuitton Belt Buckle Phone w/built in Fashion Police Alarm

I’m all for this! If your going to make a fake of something that doesn’t even exist you may as well make it as tacky as possible!

Not being the most fashionable bloke on the block means I don’t understand the lure of giant gold belt buckles that cost a ridiculous amount of money and barely keep my trousers aloft.

However, if my vulgar overpriced pant retaining device could:

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  1. cost less
  2. do something other than hold my slacks up
  3. have comedy value

Then I’m all for it!
Thank goodness someone is China has the same grasp on fashion as I do!
This knock off Louis Vuitton belt buckle not only does a fantastic job of looking absolutely tasteless, but it doesn’t with added cell phone functionality!
Yes, that nasty piece of yellow gold is in fact a rather cheap and tacky cell phone with built in camera and fashion police radar!
Best of all the you can either choose to ware the phone buckle with the phones screen and keyboard showing OR the other way around so it looks like a huge thick LV buckle with a hidden camera!

Check out the video below to see just how easy it is to slip together this piece of tawdry fashion statement!

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Via: M8cool

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