Lenovo LePad Coming This June!

If you have not seen the LePad by Lenovo, just imagine a iPhone 3GS that has been supersized and given a huge 10 inch capacative screen.

The first time Lenovo announced it’s tablet, the first ever by the giant Chinese computer company, was all the way back in January 2010. At that time it was sporting a 1.3Ghz Snap Dragon CPU and running a custom version of Android 2.2 called LeOS!

It’s unsure what nearly a year and a half of extra development time has brought the LePad, but what we do know is that it will be available in China from March and then globally from June.

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The LePad is quite unique in that the tablet portion of the device can be used individually, or connected to a clamshell netbook design. However, when the Lepad is in its shell the tablet turns into a monitor running Windows 7 from the case!

Rumored specs claim the LePad will get 32Gb of storage, Android 2.2 (poss 3.0) and an Atom CPU for when it is in netbook mode.

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Via: Gizchina.com

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