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To add to the Christmas festivities going on in Italy, Chinese biggie Meizu have announced that the company would be officially distributing its devices in …

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The Meizu MX3 launch is in full swing. We’ll add all the latest news from the launch event in Beijing here as it happens!

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MHL is a feature which more and more Chinese phones are shipping with. It enables streaming of HD content between mobile devices and TV’s and it is getting a 4K update.

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September 2nd is the date Meizu will unveil the flagship MX3, but tipsters aren’t prepared to wait and are continuing to leak early photos.

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Google have finally announced Android 4.3 Jelly Bean which will be available for current Nexus device uses and includes some nice updates!

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Meizu’s Jack Wong didn’t appear to like all the attention Apple’s iOS 7 was getting yesterday, so leaked screenshots from the next version of the Flyme ROM 3.0 including Meizu MX3 hints!

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More Meizu MX3 concepts turn up this time in video form complete with a look at what Meizu’s Flyme 3.0 custom Android ROM could be capable of.

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I’ve long been a fan of Meizu and their Flyme OS, and like many Meizu fans I’ve often wondered what a Meizu tablet would look …

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With Apple’s annual WWDC just around the corner we are beginning to hear of rumors and leaks from around the web claming Apple will unveil …

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How would you like an Andorid tablet that looks as good as an iPad 2, but is more powerful, has better camera’s and is cheaper? …

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Viewsonic are quietly doing extremely well in the world of the Android tablet thanks to there well priced devices featuring such great hardware as Tegra …

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As you may or may not be aware the newest version of Jailbreak me, 3.0, went live a few weeks ago, and as you would …

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Just follow these super easy steps to Jailbreak your iPad 2 using Commex’s JailbreakMe 3.0

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My wife might be pretty unhappy when I get home! The only thing stopping me from buying a shiny new iPad 2 was the lack …

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According to a recent tweet by iPhone hacker Comex, you lucky iPad 2 owners might be getting a jailbreak of your very own soon!

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Don’t get to excited we don’t mean that Chinese tablets are now sporting the Honeycomb O.S, what we do mean though is that someone in …

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Google may have stopped the free, open distribution of the Android Honeycomb source code, but that hasn’t stopped some enterprising individuals in China openly distributing …

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A few months ago tablet maker Ainol showed off their planned Novo concept tablet in all its splendid shiny white, Honeycomb packed glory. Since then …

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Google’s Andy Rubin has come to the rescue of all those expect consumers and developers confirming that Android 3.0 Honeycomb will in fact become once …

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Google are saying that one of the reasons they are planning to cling on to the Honeycomb source code for the time being is because …

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