Android 4.3 brings OpenGL ES 3.0, 1080 video streaming and Multi-user setting

As Android 4.3 isn’t a major update we weren’t expecting Google to announce an all new Android OS with new look and feel and tons of new features, but the updates they have brought will make Jelly Bean a whole lot better.

Multi-user setting

Android 4.3 features a Multi-user setting which allow you to restrict app content at the user level. In theory it is similar to the Guest mode on your PC or Mac, it allows your friends and family to use your device but not get at content and apps you don’t what other using or seeing. This is great if you don’t want younger users to have access to the Google Play store or could even be used to stop them playing more violent games which may not be suitable for them.

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1080p video streaming

4.3 brings support for 1080p video streaming from your Nexus device. Currently only the Netflix app has been updated to support this feature but expect other apps to be brought in line over the coming months.

OpenGL ES 3.0

If you enjoy using your tablet of phone for gaming you will be excited to learn that Google have updated Android 4.3 to support OpenGL ES 3.0. This allows the system to create deeper shadows and add detail to special lighting effects.

Android 4.3 is currently available to download on modern Nexus devices, we expect it to roll out on manufactures phones over the coming months.

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  1. shiva
    July 25, 2013

    UMI India says 4.3 on umi x2 coming soon, waiting for OTA for India 😀