Lenovo Has A 23-Inch Tablet In The Works

lenovo are planneing a 23-inch windows tabletWhile most companies are content with launching 7-10 inch tablet devices, Lenovo has adopted the old mantra ‘Big is Better!’ and have a monster 23 inch tablet in the works!

The Windows 7 device is expected to see light of day later this year and it is hoped that users will adopt the huge tablet in to their daily lives as not only a tablet computer, but also an media center, TV, gaming center and even as an external keyboard for other computers.

William Cai, Lenovo’s senior marketing expert says;

“We think there is potential huge market for a 23-inch all in one tablet computer” and “we must pay attention to battery life, and work on keeping the weight low”

Making a light-weight 23” tablet with a good battery life sounds like a difficult task! Remember when the first iPad came out and people complained about the weight? Now imagine a 23 inch tablet!!

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Via: Shanzhaiji

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