Android Based TV’s The Next Big Thing?

While the popularity of Android tablets is going from strength to strength, manufacturers are finding the market place increasingly crowded so are looking for other ways to cash in on the Android parade.
One way some Chinese makers are diversifying their range is to create Google TV boxes based on the same architecture as their tablet offerings.

2 Such Android TV’s have recently launched in China, one by chip maker Rockchips, and the other by a lesser known company called Flexiview.

The Rockchips R-Box as it is knows gets a custom skinned version of Android 2.3 running on a Rockchips CPU tucked inside a nice compact Apple TV like black box.
The R-box is capable of playing HD video, streaming content from the web and playing some of the less graphic intense games from the Android market.

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The Flexiview is on sale now at a rather low $107 and gets a similar specification only with a 1Ghz Samsung CPU rather than a Rockchips chip.

Both the Flexiview and Rockchips device use a remote controller similar to the Nintendo Wii for navigation and game play.

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